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Series Overview

Below is the complete structural overview for Avatar: Advent of Earth

Book 1: Void

  • Contains 15 chapters. 6 of which are published. Read these here.
  • 9 remain to be published.

Book 2: Unity (working title)

  • Set to contain 15 chapters, 0 of which are published.
  • Targeted release of first chapter set for sometime in 2015.

Currently Under Construction

Chapter 7: Branches

  • Current word count: 1,352
  • Concept: 100% - Yes check Done
  • Writing: Approx. 25% - No check Not done

Chapter Revisions

  • Published chapters are being revised to increase quality.
  • Prologue: The Nightmare - Yes check Done
  • Chapter 1: The Launch - Yes check Done
  • Chapter 2: The Final Frontier - Yes check Done
  • Chapter 3: Courting the Wind - Yes check Done
  • Chapter 4: Beneath the Waves - Yes check Done
  • Chapter 5: Realization Pt.1: Close Encounters - No check Not done
  • Chapter 6: Realization Pt. 2: It that Bleeds - No check Not done

Published Chapters

Avatar: Advent of Earth
Book 1: Void
Prologue: The Nightmare - The Launch - The Final Frontier - Courting the Wind - Beneath the Waves - Realization Pt.1: Close Encounters - Realization Pt.2: It that Bleeds

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