By ElessarNikos Part of the Avatar:Time Is An Illusion continuity.

Last chapter:The Avatar Returns

In this chapter we see Aang receiving his letter and learns more about what he did the whole year.Also we follow Katara,Suki and Sokka on their adventure at the Earth Kingdom...And Hama's plan is explained.
Aang in Escape from the Spirit World

Introduce three original characters and Aang's decision to reunite with the others.

Next chapter:The Fire Palace

We see for first time Zuko and Mai. We learn why they didn't visit the others and about their decision.Watch! Original villain is about to be introduced... Also small part will show us the rest of the team... well expect Toph and Appa. Momo will also make his first appearance.
Fire Lord Zuko

Zuko as Fire Lord...

Amount complete: 75%

Teaser:"What do you mean?" Mai looked him annoyed "We can't let the Fire Nation without command."

" It must be someone I really trust..." Zuko said..." I know, Shu can do it."

Mai was confused..."And your sister? The execute?" Zuko hearing this replied "Shu would never do that...He is my most loyal general..."

Mai had another question "How will we go?"

"With a ship. I am gonna tell them to get it ready to sail." Zuko opened the door but Mai grabbed the back of his clothes and made him to stop...

"Wait. I will go, you just prepare for the journey." Mai said and she walked out of ther room.

To-Do list...

  • To create a story about Toph.
  • To create the story of the original villain.

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