By Saphira1001 Part of the Avatar: The Legend of the Phoenix continuity.
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This is where I will inform readers of the progress of the story Avatar: The Legend of the Phoenix

Chapters Currently Working On

Book Two Spirit

Well after a bit of a writing hiatus I am back working on this story. So I am currently working on:

Chapter 5

and hopefully, as penance for my departure, it will be my best yet.

Drawings Currently Working On

Phoenix Erica

Other Facts That You Might Want To Know

I am planning to divide my story into five books Water, Spirit, Earth, Fire, and Republic.

The last three are subject to change. I have all the chapters through the end of book 3 outlined. I also have written up profiles for all the major characters that will be appearing.

The more people comment on my stories the more inspiration and motivation I get.

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