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This is the news page for Around the World (Again), a fanon created by Aang20791.


I don't know if I want to create the rest of the character pages. I do want to create the minor characters page, but not too sure about the main ones. I think Long Feng is the only one who deserves one, given his complicated past and future. Who knows what I'll do with the character pages. I'll think about it for a while.

Character Pages

  • Aang - 100% I'm completely caught up with the chapters that have been released. I probably won't update this again until after I finish writing this fanon. In the meantime, I'm going to work on the other character pages.
  • Katara - 100% Just like Aang's page, I'm completely caught up with the chapters that have been released. Now to start working on Sokka's page.
  • Sokka - 10%
  • Toph - 5%
  • Zuko - 0%
  • Suki - 0%
  • Mai - 0%

I will be creating Long Feng and Hama ones, but that will be after I release my next fanon which you can read about below.

I'm working on creating a big character page for all the minor characters in the series such as Kurin, Ozai, Azula, Team Fire, Team Island, Team Explode, Mezla, Zanlo, etc.... I will also add information about what happened to them before, during, and after the events of AtWA such as where they were born, how old they are, etc...

Percent Complete: 50%

Several minor characters have a lot of history behind them. My favorite minor character so far is Zanlo who has a very complex history.

Emerging and Eliminating

Long Feng in prison

Great news! I'm making a new fanon series about Long Feng detailing exactly how he escaped from his prison cell and found the Dai Li and Hama. This fanon will also go more into detail on what happened with the Dai Li after Azula banished them. It will also show how Long Feng found out that Hama wanted revenge on Team Avatar and showing the steps he took to find her. This fanon will also show some of Long Feng's past which will explain why Long Feng is as he is now.

Thanks to Sky, Moon, and Ultimate for helping me with titles for the fanon.

News/Updates for this fanon used to be here, but the page looked too messy. I'll be creating a news page for it very soon, but in the meantime, the news will be on the fanon's main page.



  • Click here to read my eerie one-shot called "A Haunted Inn."
  • Click here to read my one-shot titled "Stolen Sky Bison."


Floating Over the Earth

Outer space
Main article: Floating Over the Earth

The plot of this one-shot is that the Avatar world has finally gotten the technology to travel into space. This will be a three part one-shot and will foreshadow to a possible fanon idea I have in mind.

Other Updates/Announcements

As of September 19, 2011, LoveHopeDream123 has become an editor of AtWA and Emerging and Eliminating.

Fanonbending - This fanon has received a double Fanonbending badge on September 20, 2011. Thanks for all the support everyone!!

The Last Hope, Part 2 was chosen as the featured fanon article for February 2012.

Thanks for reading!

- Aang20791 Fanons Aang DOBS Sprite

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