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Tui and La By Millennia2 Part of the Alone continuity.
Shadowed Katara

News and Updates for the fanon story Alone, along with other works by Millennia2.

Book 3: Storm

Chapter 6: Smoke and Mirrors

Overview: The Mistress launches her attack on New Orleans.

Percentage Complete: 30%

Pending Release Date: TBA

Chapter 7: To Judge Another

Overview: Three years later, the Rogues are found responsible for massacring innocent people, causing Keith to question his membership.

Percentage Complete: 10%

Pending Release Date: TBA


Please leave your signature if you wish to receive updates on newly released Alone chapters.

--Avatar Aangs reincarnation (wallcontribs) 01:26, May 28, 2013 (UTC) makotheactornotthecharacter

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