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By RuleroftheBisons97 Part of the Aang: Story of an Airbender continuity.

General Updates

9/7/14: The second chapter, "The First Tier", is given the release date of September 23, 2014.

6/27/14: After discovering Book Three: Change's release date, RuleroftheBisons97 will post "Relics" following the airing of the three episodes EST.

6/16/14: RuleroftheBisons97 overcomes writer's block, and is ready to continue publishing Aang: Story of an Airbender. However, as only two chapters are finished, he will wait until fully completing Book 1 to begin releasing chapters.

4/19/14: After two months, Relics is fully written and edited. Release date on 4/29/14 to honor "The Waterbending Scroll".

2/12/14: The main page gets a coding update. "Relics" finishes pre-production!

2/10/14: Appa and Aka character pages are posted and "Winds of Change" is uploaded on

2/8/14: Mia's character page is created and Winds of Change, previously Nomadic is announced to be released on February 21, 2014 to honor the nine-year anniversary of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

1/29/14: "Nomadic" finishes production.

1/19/14: Contrary to my statement, "Nomadic" was not released. This is due to my want for the chapter to be perfect before being viewed by strangers. Also, I was surprised at how quickly AvatarRokusGhost, Lady Lostris, and PSUAvatar14 attacked this page for corrections. I need to start checking the preview button to make edits. Speaking of editing, "Ceremony of the Four Relics" will be revised again in order to establish more plotlines. I know, this story is dramatic enough without the revisions but I have a few surprises and plot twists to throw in.

1/16/14: As of today, all of the original chapters have been archived into one single user page which can be accessed through the link on the navigational tabber. Due to school starting, I'll be a bit behind in writing. Also, don't expect fast chapter updates as chapters will be released whenever I feel that it's perfect enough to be read by unknown eyes. However, the prologue, "Nomadic" will be released on January 19th, 2014 in order to honor the two-year anniversary of the story. I've also decided to write a column for the White Lotus Sentinel, but am awaiting until the first two chapters are updated in order to draw excitement. Also, all chapters will be a minimum of ten pages. Thanks, and can't wait for "Nomadic" to be released.

Chapter Progress

  • Prologue - Winds of Change ~ Yes check Done; 3,287 words
  • Relics ~ Yes check Done ~ 7,139 words
  • The First Tier ~ No check Not done ~ 0 words currently
    • The plot is outlined and the picture has been decided, and I know what I'm going to write for the chapter.
  • Bonds of Friendship, Part 1: The Eastern Air Nomad ~ No check Not done; 866 words currently

Character Progress

  • Aang (Avatar: Before the Legends)|Aang}} ~ No check Not done
  • Afiko ~ Yes check Done
  • Mia ~ Yes check Done
  • Appa ~ Yes check Done
  • Aka ~ Yes check Done

Story Stats

  • Current count: 10,426 words and approximately 22 pages.

Review/Interview info

  • FRS Reviews by Azulazula, MibuWolf, and Minnichi as well as Fan Reviews by AcerEvan and AvengeBender007 have been linked to the main page. A FFF Interview will be archived as soon as it is found.

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