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About Avatar: Aftermath and Burning Earth

My first fanon project is going strong with over thirty chapters published and a good review in the Ba Sing Se Times under its belt. The project, though, is going to be more all-encompassing than I originally intended. With that said, I will leave this page open for comments.

The Story So Far...

WARNING! SOME SPOILERS AHEAD! (They're incredibly small, but still....)

The story that began with a struggling Earthbender named Yun Zhen has moved into a fanon piece filled with a war initiated by the former Earth King, Yuan Chong. Despite some setbacks and unfortunate fatalities, Team Avatar pursues the powerful king in an effort to thwart his 'island hopping' plan to cripple the Fire Nation. With each of the islands defended by Team Avatar, Yuan Chong nonetheless moves into the Fire Nation Capitol.


With my first fanon complete, I have made the decision to make an interlude to a pre-LoK fanon I'm planning. It will fill any open plot-holes left (purposely) in AaBE.

Next Chapters

Chapter 12: Shien Kai, Pt. 1- Family Ties

Percent Complete: 100%

The beginning of the multipart finale to Book 2 of AaBE, Family Ties will clear up several plot points and expand upon others. It is here, enjoy!

Chapter 13: Shien Kai, Pt. 2- The Duel

Percent complete: 100%

It's finally done!

Chapter 14: Shien Kai, Pt. 3- Brave Soldiers

Percent complete: 100%

It is finished!

Chapter 15: Shien Kai, Pt. 4- One Republic

Percent Complete: 100%

The chapter (and my first fanon) is now complete! Enjoy!

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