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Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles is an adventure romantic drama action fanon story written by AirMasterParker, set in the  Avatar universe as a sequel series to Avatar: The Legend of Korra. The story starts 70 years after the end of Book Four: Balance. And there are more or less 4 books planned for it.

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News 2016


Update 4 October 2016

Given the new Korra comics, there could be many changes over the story's first chapters about little details that couldn't make the story canon.

Update 27 October 2016

Macky-Draws noticed me ^u^!


Update 9 November 2016

I've got a lot of work in high school right now, I'm really busy and I can't continue the story now. But don't worry, chapter 8 is on progress and might come by the end of this month, illustrations included. Also I'm having amazing ideas thanks to "Naruto", anime I'm watching right now. And there is going to be a really unsuspected plot-twist (NEITHER I EXPECTED IT), the story is getting form by itself like if the character were alive, like it happened in Korra as Bryke said, and I like it.

Update 19 November 2016

I'm halfway through in "The Blue Delta", the airdate might be delayed again because I'm having difficulties in philosophy at high school. I'll try this night after studying get to at least to the split part (*oops, spoiler alert*).

I also had more amazing ideas involving Kensi's past, that I'll reveal it in "Book 2: Energy", and more about Aria's.

Update 24 November 2016

Almost finished with the next chapter, just need to do the final scene.


Update 1 December 2016

Thanks for the positive reviews, specially Shizuku, that made me change the review part in the fanon userbox from "none" to "positive".

Also, now I have more time to draw and my drawing will have better quality than lately.

Update 12 December 2016

Almost finished with Chapter 9: "Desert Rift". This chapter will feature the first two-episode-long fight of the year: HIKAR VS ARIA.

Update 27 December 2016

Sorry for the delay, but this holidays I'm not going to be in peace as I expected, I'm slowly advancing in the drawings, but the fight is getting interesting. I swear that it's like if the characters where freaking telling me the story! Also I'm adding a flashback of Hikar two years ago, guess Naruto is having many influence in the fight style ;)

I'm still writing the first quarter of the chapter, and I'm not going to be here from the 30th to the 2nd.

Btw, the 30th I'm seventeen :D

Update 29 December 2016

Giving advice at its best :)

News 2017


Update 16 January 2017

Good news, I'm almost done with the chapter, this week should be done. It's been more than a month since last chapter was released, I promise I'm not going to let this fanon be discontinued. :I

Btw, I think I'm going to make myself DeviantArt and Tumblr. What do you think? :)

Update 18 January 2017

CHAPTER 10 FINISHED!!! I'll publish it tomorrow.

Update 21 January 2017

Uploading Images for the chapters.

Update 28 January 2017

Writing Chapter 11 and planning things for Book 2: Energy.

It's going to take time, I'm having exams next week and a special project to attend. Also, my band (yes, I'm in a rock band, I'm the drummer) is going to rehearse this term to play.

I've decided that, after I finish Book 1: Metal, I'm going to take a break of one month. I'll be back, I might edit pages of characters and stuff like that. Maybe I'll make myself a Tumblr account, it's just I need to concentrate in high school, it's my second-last year in it before college. I hope I can get to finish at least Book 2: Energy in summer, but after September, chapters might be uploaded in gaps of two or even three months. Even though, I promise I'm not going to discontinue this fanon, I give my word as Boy Scout.

Anyway, I'm having amazing ideas for the Book finale, can't wait to finish it!


Update 1 February 2017

Having a small writer's block, but I'll get onto it.

Having difficulties on how to draw Shaila's Plasmabending.

Update 8 February 2017

I have given official surnames to the characters, and some middle names in some cases.

I'm almost finishing chapter 11.

Update 11 February 2017

Good to be back Macky :), hope to hear more about you soon!

Update 24 February 2017

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! The Hikar Spiritual Force Book 1 Finale will be featured as a comic in this brand new DeviantArt profile I made for myself:


Update 17 August 2017

Cold Air Pages almost finished, and scanned.

First chapter of Book 2: Energy planned and written in first draft.

Update 28 August 2017

Thinking to actually make a page in the wiki with the comic pages as a gallery so it's easier to read.

EDIT: Comic is cancelled.


Update 30 December 2017

I'm eighteen :D

News 2018


Update 18 January 2018

Thinking of renaming Book 2: Energy to Lightning. Plus, currently at 2/3 of rewriting Book One: Metal.

Update 27 January 2018

Chapter 10 has been rewritten, now off to Chapter 11.


Update 12 February 2018

As you might have seen, I renamed the fanon from "Hikar Spiritual Force" to "Hikar's Spiritual Chronicles", because the title no makes more sense.

Also, Book finale at half point more or less, added a very cool sub-plot, (FOR ME: REMEMBER FORESHADOW).

Will do a second (and final) rewriting this Thursday, to make all chapters the same length. There will be many chapter name changes.

Update 19 February 2018

All Book One Chapters in the wiki and DeviantArt updated. Now to update Wattpad.

Also, Book One Finale at 40%, getting there (finally finished writing that scene I hate to write because it's so complicated to write complex writing developments). OwO

Update 21 February 2018

Editing some HSC articles only, and

Also, "Cold Air" at 57%.

Update 22 February 2018

Just wrote, the most brutal scene, and it feels so good cause I've had it planned since the beginning.

Update 24 February 2018, MILESTONE #1



Update 1 March 2018

It's been a week since I published the last chapter of Book One. It really feels like I took a weight from myself. However, I still want to retouch it a bit in some parts, since my father is actually editing the Word file where it's written.

Meanwhile, you might have noticed some art being posted in some character pages. Next will be Shaila, Aria, Tao, Yurei, Iruka and Zhasha. Also, the official cover of Book One.

Update 12 March 2018

Cover process at 20%.

Editing some pages. Gonna add a LOT of collapsibles so people can easily avoid spoilers in character pages.

Update 31 March 2018

Cover of Book One is finished, completed the versions in DeviantArt and Wattpad.

Gonna go back to high school stuff but I will occasionally do some edits here and there in my pages.

Also, gonna prepare Yurei's profile photo and Denryoku's.


Update 11 April 2018

Fixed cover image thanks to a tutorial. Did a fake screenshot with Hikar and Korra in it, and I'm preparing the next ones.

I'm going to be very busy this upcoming month, but I'll try to work on something from my fanon still. I started writing the first draft of Book Two's Chapter 1 (13 in the overall series).

Update 13 April 2018

Finishing a drawing for "New Cycle, Part 1".

Fanon is getting popular in WattPad at last.

Update 22 April 2018

Made a new title card, and I've just learned how to advertise my fanon.

Update 25 April 2018

Finished writing Chapter One of Book Two, "Back to Basics".

One down, eleven to go.

"Kensi Alone" is probably going to be my most difficult chapter to write.


Update 5 May 2018

Added a new image on the second chapter of Book One.

Regarding "Kensi Alone", I'm just going to delay it a week; sorry, exams.

Update 20 May 2018

Preview of "Kensi Alone" was released last week. "Aria's Lost Days" is almost halfway done and will be ready for release next week.

Various character pages on the works as well.


Update 3 June 2018

Rewriting Chapter Three because I didn't like the execution. Jeez, I hate to write this chapter, it's so complex.


Update 4 July 2018

Chapter 4 finished writing, Chapter 5 at 60%. I'm going slower than I thought I would.

The official release of Book Two will be delayed two weeks.

Chapter 5 finished. 100 pages reached, which means Book Two is at the current 45% more or less.

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