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By Humble Imaginations Part of the Hiding from the Night continuity.
Fairness is non-existent in our time

Run (HftN)

100% Complete. Click here to read

Apartment building

The beginning of "Hiding from the Night," Shui, Weixian, and Younu escape their home after a recent Agni Kai attack.


  • Shui
  • Younu
  • Weixian
  • Diana
  • The Quans (Mentioned Only)

Hide (HftN)

Industrial area

The second chapter of "Hiding from the Night", Shui and her siblings continue to run from the Agni Kais, but one question is still in the air: Where will they hide?


  • Shui
  • Younu
  • Weixian
  • Pandro

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