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Fire Nation Royal Palace Late at night

It has been three days since the rebellion in Ba Sing Se, two beds are situated in an elegant room decorated with shades of red and gold, in two beds are the Fire Lord and his son prince Feng around them are Aang, Katara, Sokka, his wife Suki, Toph, Fire Lady Mai, Mai and Zuko's other children-Prince Lu Ten, Prince Iroh, Princess Ra Lin, Princess Ursa, Feng's wife Ta Loan doctors and a few of the Fire Lords advisors. Feng is sitting up talking to his wife and brothers. Zuko however is still unconscious standing over him is Mai and a doctor checking his heart rate. One of the doctors looks at Mai. "The Fire Lord has suffered a minor heart attack, but we expect him to wake up soon."

Just as the doctor says this Zuko opens his eyes "What happened, what's going on."

Mai hugs him. "I'll explain it all later."

Ba Sing Se Royal Palace

Huang storms through the palace followed by Dang, Lee and several other workers. "How could this happen, how could they escape?" he says. Before anyone can answer him he spins around to Dang, " I want this place to be renamed the workers palace, It will be where I live and a spot for all of the poor to come, I want all of the Earth Kings statues and all of the temples in the city to be torn down."

"The temples?" Lee says.

"Yes, the temples they are a symbol of the childish notion of spirits and religion."

"Yes sir" Dang says.

"Good" Huang replies. They all begin to walk away until Huang calls "Lee, Dang, I would like talk to you"

Dang immediately responds "What is it, sir," Huang says nothing but instead leads them down a narrow hallway and down a seemingly endless flight of stairs until they reach a massive door. Huang runs his fingers across the door and it opens reveling the crystal catacombs of old Ba Sing Se.

Huang speaks "I am going to tell you our next move, in exactly two months we will be launching a surprise attack against the Fire Nation capital, I have secret intelligence that states there is a secret river that leads to the palace, we will burn their cities and towns and slaughter their people like they did to us during the Great War."

Dang speaks "That's brilliant, but why are you telling us?"

"Because I need you to carry out a special mission here in Ba Sing Se, I need you to kill everyone that lives in the upper ring."

Lee is stunned; he waits for dang to say no but instead he says, "I will do it, sir."

After they leave the catacombs Lee pulls Dang aside "Are you crazy, you can't do this this is terrible."

"Lee, I will do whatever Huang wants. He is the will of the people in human form."

"What!" Lee screams "That's it! I didn't want any part of this, but you dragged me into it. I'm not killing innocent people". At that Lee storms out of the palace.

Ba Sing Se Outer Wall late at night

Lee creep along the edge of a farmhouse he is less than ten yards from the gate that leads to the outside to freedom. He makes a run for it. a guard yells "look it's an escapee! Fire!' a hale of rocks and arrows fain down near him but Lee is a fast runner and manages to get past them. Panting he runs for hours finally reaching the western lake, parked at a dock is a ferry. Lee jumps on board as it departs."

A guard asks, "Do you know where you're going, boy?"

Lee answers "Yes--I think I do." The ferry departs and Lee knows what he has to do.

Fire Nation Royal Palace One week later

Zuko sits at his desk, seated in chairs around him are the newly reformed Team Avatar along with Mai, His children and the Earth King, to his right speaking about the current situation are five Fire Nation generals. A messenger arrives "A young man requests an audience with you Sire, He says he has vital information."

Zuko pauses and then speaks "Send him in." The young man emerges through the door and bows low almost to the ground before speaking ">ell boy, speak, what do you want."

The young man says, "My name is Lee, and I think I can help you."

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