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New Plans is the sixteenth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


When Azula is attacked by an assassin, sent by the rebels that have been bothering her for so long, she decides to change plans and let her daughter, Mitsuki, handle out an extremely important mission Mitsuki had planned, while she tracks down the assassins. Meanwhile, while Chen is recovering from his injuries, Mina and Kaila are planning out a route to Kein Forest.


The chapter opens in the Fire Nation Palace. Azula, with two members of the Royal Procession on her side, walks down the dimly lit halls leading to the Palace Dining Room. The guard on the left proceeds to ask her a question, however, he is cut short when a long chain raps around his body and drags him into a dark corridor. The other guard creates a fire shield around himself and Azula, though a mysterious man unleashes the fire on the guard. Azula then finds herself standing against a rebel, a Firebender. The rebel takes a fighting stance and Azula just rolls her eyes, and fires a lighting bolt to the rebel. To her surprise, the rebel dodges it and blasts her trough the wall on the plaza with a giant fireball.

Zuko fights Azula

Azula fights the assassin

The mysterious assassin steps calm trough the hole in the wall, and Azula stands up. She shouts to the rebel that she has never lost a duel, but the rebel answers, totally emotionless, he has neither. Azula growls and propels herself to the assassin, while launching a huge, continuous fire stream. The assassin shoots himself in the air and hurls a fire lash, even in power, to Azula, breaking her attack. Azula is slightly surprised by the strength of the assassin, but quickly recovers and launches a charged attack at her opponent, who blocks the attack with a fire shield and creates two big fire whips. He begins to attack Azula with them, but she creates a wall of fire, which destroys the fire whips.

The two opponents continue to hurl fire to each other and eventually they end up fighting in close combat, where Firebending can't be used in great terms. Azula is clearly superior in this, and eventually pushes the assassin away from her and hits him with lightning. She walks to the defeated assassin and finishes him off by burning him to the death. Two guards run to Azula out of the crowd of guards and employees, who were watching the whole thing, and drag the body away. The employees then return to their work and Azula starts walking back to the dining room. On her way the two guard join her again, and one of them says it has been the third assassin in two weeks, to which Azula remarks they're getting better too and they have to be stopped. She then asks for her guards to message Mitsuki, as there has been a whole new change in plans.

Meanwhile, Mina and Kaila are walking away from the house of an old woman, who was helping Chen recovering from his injuries. At a nearby tree stump, Kaila rolls out a map of the world, pointing out were they are and where Kein Forest is. Mina, optimistically says they're almost there, and that all they need to do is cross the seas between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, but Kaila remarks that even if the road is short, it is filled with enemies. Mina looks serious and nods, but eventually puts up a smile again and suggests to explore the area.

The two girls, with Momo, are sitting on a bench, enjoying nature. After a while, Kaila notices Mina has been staring at her the whole time. She asks what's up, and Mina asks her about Chen. Kaila wants to answer, but slips and falls in the nearby river. She's totally panicking, and Mina tells her to swim to the side, but, to Mina's surprise, Kaila shouts she can't swim. Mina then jumps in the river and pulls Kaila to the side. Mina asks why she never told her and Chen that she couldn't swim, and Kaila says that she was ashamed. Mina thinks a while, and then offers Kaila swimming lessons, to which Kaila gladly accepts.

The girls change clothes, and tell Momo to guard their clothes. Then, Mina starts to teach Kaila how to swim. It doesn't go that well in the beginning, but eventually Kaila gets the hang of it. They climb out of the water, and Mina says she will need a couple more lessons, but that she still is a good students. The two girls continue to talk satisfied, but are stunned when they arrive at the place where their clothes where. Momo and the clothes were gone. Suspecting the worst, the two girls spread out in order to find Momo, which leads them across many peasants who are amazed about their unusual clothing.

They eventually arrive at the old woman's house, only to see Chen, with a bandage, sitting in front of the house and Momo eating leechi nuts. Chen greets them and then begins to laugh when he sees how they're dressed. Mina says he should stop laughing because her and Kaila's clothes were stolen, to which Chen says they weren't. Chen runs into the house and comes back with their clothes, saying Momo brought them with him a couple houres ago. Mina and Kaila then turn to Momo, who lookes up from his leechi nuts, knowing he did something wrong. The two girls, infuriated, then begin to chase Momo.

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