By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Occupied gates of Omashu
New Ozai
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Southwestern Earth Kingdom


Fire Nation Capital

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Absolute monarchy

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Fire Nation gold piece


Ty Lee

New Ozai, or Omashu, as it used to be called, is the third most important city in the world.


Surrender of Omashu

Main article: Surrender of Omashu

In 100 AG, Omashu was captured by the Fire Nation and later renamed New Ozai by Azula.

The entire city underwent massive reconstruction to better suit the needs of the Fire Nation. A huge statue of Ozai began construction. The Palace was reconstructed, the original of which was completely leveled and replaced with the metal pagoda architecture favored by the Fire Nation. This may have been in part to the fact that doors between the chambers of the old palace were created as needed by Earthbending, making entrance and egress impossible for non-earthbenders. Many of the ordinary buildings were commandeered by the Fire Nation, most likely forcefully, and turned into Factories, with chimneys coming out of the top, which were probably being used to build weapons.

Mai's father became New Ozai Governor, in place of King Bumi. The normal citizens, however, fled the city under the guise of an epidemic shortly after Aang arrives.


Main article: Liberation of Omashu

During The Day of Black Sun, King Bumi freed himself of his restraints by destroying his metal coffin. He took advantage of the Fire Nation soldiers being powerless due to the eclipse, destroying the metal bridge allowing Fire Nation transport and destroying many buildings. As a final sign of victory, Bumi destroyed The Governor's house by toppling it with Ozai's statue. The Governor escaped with his family, but he was soon fired after the incident by an angry Ozai.


Main article: Recapture of Omashu

After Ozai burned down the Earth Kingdom, his daughter, Fire Lord Azula, sent an army back to Omashu to conquer it. With Bumi's death in Phoenix City, the army was severely weakened, and they could not defeat Azula's elite and powerful troop of men and women. Azula watched happily on a cliff beside the city as Omashu fell once more. She then named it New Ozai, and reinstated the Governor due to his daughter's, Mai, accomplishments.

A New Leader

New Ozai Royal Palace

New Ozai today

After Azula became Supreme Fire Lord, The Governor retired and moved to Phoenix City with his wife and son, as their daughter and granddaughter where appointed to rule there. Ty Lee was placed in charge of the rest of the Earth Kingdom, and New Ozai became the capital, ergo Ty Lee and her daughter were appointed to live there.

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