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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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December 26, 2011

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Living Differently

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The Northern Tribal Princess, Yue, wished herself to back to the Earth when the Spirits feared that the Moon Spirit may lose its life again. However, believing that, at peace, the Moon Spirit won't have any harms or terrors, Yue assured the Spirits to let her return. Pitying her, the Spirits finally agreed and gave her a new earthly body.


Genesis: In the Spirit World

The Spirit World: one of the two planes of existence in the universe. It was a place no one had ever experienced, 'cept for a few. The place reeks of the smell of spirits. It was hard to describe what this smell was because one had to be either a spirit or one of the dead to know the smell of spirits. The Avatar, of course, was an exception. Its atmosphere was heavy with mysterious origins. The Spirit World never had the same look. One day it may appear as a wild forest, the next day it may appear as a cornfield, so on and so forth. And so was the great cycle of the world. Change always had been the only permanent force in the world. The only difference was the pace of that change experienced in the spirit realm. The shifts were just one of the mysterious power the realm had. Many entities lived in the said realm, for different purposes. Most were spirits, some were those who represented the good in the world such as love, kindness, innocence, purity, friendliness and bravery. And then there were also those who represented the wickedness the world had to bring such as maliciousness, greed and hunger for power. Those were just few out of many different kinds. They may seem just to wander aimlessly but they are powerful entities. They can either bring hope, or fill the heart of a man every fiber of evil. They may be times when they whisper in a man's ear, but they never lead humanity into a course. The spirits let the humans live freely without interference. They can also offer knowledge to mankind. A certain spirit even brought all his treasury into the mortal world. Once in the realm, all sense of night and day are gone. Simply put, one forgets how it is to be completely human. But there are those who do not forget, who still had a faint humanity inside her heart. Her name is Yue.

Princess Yue, the tribal Princess of the Northern Water Tribe, was born ill. Babies cry during their birth, but Yue did not. Chief Arnook and his wife feared their daughter's life will not last, even the Healers cannot heal her strange illness. They then turned to the spirits Tui and La, respectively the Moon and Ocean spirit. Yue was bathed in the waters of the Spirit Oasis. All of a sudden, her once brunette hair turned pearly white, a mark symbolizing the bond they share with Tui. The spirit offered half of its life to hers out of his faithfulness and generosity to his guarded people. Many years passed and the Tribal Princess lived an ordinary life. Everywhere she goes, there was joy. Frown turn to smile, conflicts, turn to friendly conversation and hate turn to love. Ostensibly, such a power was within her. Yet there was something within her that wanted to come out. Screaming anguish cries were her desire for freedom. Somehow, despite the happiness she brings forth to her people, happiness was deprived of her. Yue's heart was forced upon a man she did not love. Hahn, a man with a heart of arrogance, did not actually loved the poor princess. He was only interested in the status he acquired once he married Yue. Finally, as if destiny let it be, Yue finally had the grasp of what true love means. It was when he met the Southern Water Tribe warrior named Sokka. However, like the situation between Romeo and Juliet, their love was a "forbidden" love. Yue was still bounded by the laws of her Tribe. Simply put, they cannot be.

Over the horizon, evil was afoot. Night came over this part of the world. Although the stars were visible, Yue saw a different sky. Instead, she saw hurling fireballs and fire-lit boulders. Instead of hearing the gentle waves of the sea, she was forced to listen upon the anguish cries of the people the War had caused. This was the night she will never forget. It was the fateful night when the life of Princess Yue changed forever. Then out came Admiral Zhao from the dark clouds of his own greed. The evil monster had killed the Moon Spirit without hesitation. Fates tipped the scales, chaos spread throughout the world for balance was no more. All the waterbenders lost their bending skills during this unfortunate night. Yue was a woman whose heart was full of love that she would do anything, even if it meant that she would have to take her own life. Fearing that Waterbenders may not survive without bending, Yue finally gave back the "life" Tui gave to her. She died but her soul reunited with the Moon Spirit, and this bond sustained the Moon Spirit. Yue guided Team Avatar in various ways after her "supposed death".

After many struggles, the war ended...

She realized by then how Tui no longer needs her as peace and balance was once again restored to the world. Her heart filled with the intention of seeing all her loved ones again, she was determined to return. Yue is currently sitting at a floating rock. Her white hair was beautiful and stunning, one of the great assets that made her unique. She was currently wearing a white dress with patterns nodding references to the Water Tribe. The cloth wasn't normal silk, it was smooth to the touch. Yue decided to look for someone to talk to of her plan to return so she jumped off the floating rock she was sitting on. As she walked by what seemed to be a grassy field, she observed its magnificent color. The grass' colors were not only green but mysteriously were multicolored. Yue could swear she could hear cries every time she stepped on a patch of grass. So she floated. The ability to float is immediately gained once in the Spirit World. Wind blew from her face as she progressed forward, but Yue did not like it. She knew that whenever there is wind in the Spirit World, it was not actually "wind", it was the breath coming from the screaming bad spirits. Not all of them are screaming, just most of them. She still did not know why they scream constantly as if it were fun. The breath-wind smelled of putrid mud and foul sulfur. She wished some good spirit would pass by, at least they smell nice. Although it was fun to float, she still is feeling lonely. Yue cannot share the simple happiness she is presently enjoying. She was alone. Every laughter and every sadness she feels was in vain as she cannot talk to anyone here. There was no human being to talk to about human emotions. She observed the ground below and Yue saw two figures standing by. It was Wan Shi Tong and The Painted Lady. They seemed to be talking about something but Yue never listened to any of it, she knew her place and since she was part-human, it's not her place to listen to world-shaking matters. She floated downward and realized the place has shifted again. This time into a rocky landscape. As she touched the ground, she immediately approached the two spirits. Yue was good friends with the Lady and Wan Shi Tong.

"My spirit friends, the war has ended," announced Yue, her voice echoey and filled with determination. There are times that whenever someone or something speaks at the Spirit realm, the voice then echoes for some reason."I think it's time for me to return to Earth, to Sokka. Tui no longer needs me to sustain itself. I have given enough for it to survive, and I have gained enough of Tui's energy for me to live."

The Painted Lady then turned to face her. Her face white with red marks on it that its appears to have been painted, hence her name. "My dear Princess, I know it's hard but dangers loom everywhere." Her voice was beautiful and mystifying. She seemed concerned on everything Yue does.

"You may be correct Yue," remarked Wan Shi Tong. His voice was stern and sounded as-a-matter-of-fact. His owl eyes black, it was hard to tell if he is looking at all but Yue knew he was indeed looking at her. "There is no need of you anymore, yet your bond with the Moon Spirit is so strong. Leaving here would torn your soul apart!"

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Yue asked, truly desperate for an answer.

"There may be a chance." Wan Shi Tong said, again with his as-a-matter-fact tone.

"A chance Wan Shi Tong? Is there really?" asked The Painted Lady, her eyes staring intently upon the owl's. "She has no body to return to!"

"Oh I am not requiring of your aid Lady," Wan Shi Tong chuckled, as if implying how unimportant the Lady was. "I am the Spirit who knows a Thousand Things. There is nothing that I do not know"

"Tell me, please." asked Yue. "Where can I find the solution for my problem?"

Wan Shi Tong summoned for Hei Bai. "Ride Hei Bai, he will know where to go."

A journey

And so Yue journeyed for many days in the Spirit World. She didn't realize that as Hei Bei ran faster and faster, the environment around her was changing faster and faster also. She closed her eyes because she cannot bear the change, it made her feel nauseous. Spirits who were part human still feel like a mortal does. In Yue's case, nausea. Whenever in the Spirit World, one can always hear weird noises. Yue can hear wicked laughter mixed with anguish cries with a bit of solemn singing and constant banging sounds. All of these sounding together. It was horrible for Yue.

Then the winds stop, she knew by then Hei Bei had stopped running.

She opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings. They've arrived at the base of a very large mountain. Hei Bai went on its way, leaving Yue alone. The sky was now filled with stars. Auroras were visible but these weren't normal auroras because they touched the ground and as one of its tips touched, the ground changes texture. At first it was a swampy area then it turned all forest-y then next it became lava-filled rocky ground. Yue proceeded to float up to the tip of the mountain, ignoring the ever-changing Spirit World. She could feel and smell the breath-wind once again. She tried her utmost not to smell them. Finally reaching the very top, she heard a voice "Why do you seek the Spirit of the Mystic?"

Yue answered, "I was told you were the only one who can help me return to Earth"

"Ahhh yes, Princess Yue I presume?" the voice replied, it was familiar for some reason but Yue did not mind it for she was more focused on her intention. "There is hope for your return. Your bond to Tui is very strong, the only way for you to go to Earth is if I create you a new body. But first, a question. Is it true that to reunite with all you hold most dear your intentions for returning to Earth? Just answer honestly."

"Yes" Yue answered without fear.

"Very well"

Suddenly, all Yue could see were blinding flashes of color. For the first time in many years, she felt bodily pain. It was excruciatingly painful that it made her scream so loudly. Her soul was ripped through realms till she saw only darkness......

New Life

Falling through a dark maze.

Darkness, the only thing that can be seen.

Nothing to feel.


Yue seemed to have fallen towards something cold, hard and cemented. She sensed the coldness of the hard stone floor with her hands. The only thing she could smell were dust, dust and dust. A clock's chiming could be heard. Now there seems to be two clock chiming, and then three and until she could only hear the chiming of many clocks. She was still dizzy from her ordeal but tried to open her eyes. She found herself in what she assumed was inside a shop. It seemed to be a clock repairing shop since there were a lot of clocks in display. What just happened? At first she observed her surroundings. All clocks were dusty implying that this shop hasn't been open for at least a time for cleaning. She realized that she herself was so dusty. How long was I out? She dusted herself and stood up and realized how perfectly energized she was as she slowly gained awareness of her surroundings. Yue examined herself, she had blonde hair and was wearing a green kimono. That's funny. I never saw someone with this kind of hair. Yue brushed a hand through the golden locks. It was silky and smooth and smelt really good. She then touched her clothes, it was fine to the touch. Likely a material exclusively for the rich. Is this really me?

Yue used her new-found energy, walked towards the door and opened it. She marveled at the site that beheld before her. It was a place she had never seen before, or at least heard. I am certain this is not North Pole. It looked so alien to her, full of tall buildings and -what is that?. She could hear noises from afar, like those of constant bugle honking. Is there a battle taking place? She did not realize there was a couple who were approaching her.

"Hey there stranger. I am sorry to tell you this but you seem kind of lost. Y'know with all your pouting mouth and wide eyes." A familiar voice said. Yue turned to face the stranger and was utterly surprised.

"I'm so sorry but this road here is still off limits." A nostalgic voice replied. was Sokka and somewhat aged.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two Living Differently.


  • The clock repairing shop referred to when Yue first appeared in Republic City is the one seen in The Legend of Korra wherein Korra threw one of the Triple Threats. Specifically, the Fire Nation guy.

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