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The Legend of Worlds




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December 2, 2012

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New Animals


There was someone named Rakka and Kya who founded a tribe, at the North Pole, and inherit there, he set up a Northern Water Tribe called tribe, and there the story begins.


Noatak and Tarrlok waterbending

Rakka teaching waterbending to his children.

Kya Rakka and created together, and they went to the South Pole to find a new life, after having four children (three and four twins), she taught her first and second to study waterbending and become a great waterbender.

After her first two being waterbender, Rakka and his sons built a city in the Northern Water Tribe with the power of his waterbending. He also built the Royal Palace, market, schools, and places of learning waterbending training, although only inhabited by six people or one family, Rakka think this tribe is not for himself, but for his generation.

Yakone and Noatak

Rakka, and the first child to find her brother.

Meanwhile, in another place, Rakka second child (male), quietly went to another area at the North Pole, went to learn a new stance, to rival kakanya, he went to the area where the animal pole assembly, and learn techniques specifically, the "bloodbending", and he was the first bloodbender.

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