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Lineage Part One: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

Bloodless Torture

Lian sat in the mess hall eating her dinner. As she sat there she used her bending to stir her soup Gao came over and said.

"How's it going Master?" Even though he hasn't been her apprentice for about 4 years he still referred to her as such, although now the phrase just dripped in sarcasm. Normally Lian wouldn't take Gao's bait but she needed to blow off some steam.

"I'm more bored than I 've ever been in my life Gao." Lian said slamming her hand against the table. "And that's saying something. It's been too damn long since I've been out fighting. If I don't get any action soon I'm going to turn into you!"

"You mean devilishly handsome with an ugly ass demon living in his head." Gao said before he got into another argument with his "imaginary friend" Butcher. Lian was very close to punching Gao as hard as she could in the face and then repeatedly slamming his face into the table before someone called her name.

"Lian could you give us a hand with something?" the voice came from the Torture Masters new apprentice.

"What?" Lian said trying to keep her fist from trembling. The new recruit explained how they'd captured enemy soldiers but was having a hard time properly interrogating them. Because Des did most if not all the interrogations in the base the Torture Master got sloppy.

As she walked into the interrogation chamber she saw a man chained to a chair and three dead bodies.

"They wouldn't talk?" she asked the torture master.

"No, they died before we could extract any information. We were just about to begin with him." Lian glanced at the chained man as the torture master continued. "We just can't inflict the right amount of damage like Des can

"Let me try." Lian said drawing a dagger and moving to the chained soldier. "What's your name?" The man said nothing and glared at her. Without a word Lian slashed her dagger across the man's chest. Pain shot through the man but no blood emerged from the wound. Confused the soldier and torture master both looked at Lian, who had an emotionless expression. She asked again. The soldier still refused to answer and Lian cut him again this time across his face. Still no blood Lian decided to ask a different question. "Do you know who I am?" she asked. The soldier nodded. "Do you know what I can do?" He nodded again. "Do you know what I can do during a full moon like tonight?" The soldier shook his head. "I can pull out all of you blood through your sweat glands. I've only done so once but I can assure it is a very, very painful way to go." While she explained blood started to emerge from the soldiers skin, confirming her abilities. As the soldier screamed out in either horror or pain, Lian could never tell, she bent the blood back into his body. "Now I'm going to ask you again, what is your name?" This time the soldier answered all of her questions, telling her the location of various camps, and other information, all of which they already had thanks to their contact.

After the soldier had given her all the information she turned to the Torture Master. "You wasted my time for something we already had?" she asked.

"I thought they might have had some new information." he tried to explain, "If the others had talked..."

"You wouldn't have had waste my time?" Lian guessed, "If you hadn't let Des do all the interrogations and kept your skills sharp you wouldn't have had to waste my time!"

"I'm sorry Lian it won't happen again." The Torture Master said. Suddenly blood began to leak out of the man's skin. He screamed as the blood continued to flow, from his skin, from eyes, ears, from everywhere.

"No it won't." Lian confirmed as the man dropped to the ground dead. She turned to the apprentice, "You would do well not to let your skills drop," she warned as she left.

Rocky Rose

"Man, why do I have meet Ursa out here?" Toph complained to herself, "I had to be the only one not on an assignment." As she walked her thoughts turned to her fight with that assassin a few days ago. Over the last ten years she'd fought plenty of assassins but for some reason this one seemed different. Maybe it was due to the fact he spent more time flirting than fighting.

Even though she had absolutely no idea what she actually looked liked, she knew she was fairly pretty due to the number of people who tried to flirt with her regularly, but she was always able to "see" through their words and find what they were really after. But with this guy it was different, and thanks to the fact she was a human lie detector she knew he wasn't just trying to get into her head. Every word he said was sincere. He was certainly no Azula when it came to lying, she figured that out when he said that no one had ever figured out his soldiers before. That lie was blatantly obvious to her.

"What was his name again?" she mumbled as she stopped walking. Around her she could feel a rather large rock formation in the shape of a badger mole. She was supposed to meet Ursa right around here. As she waited she heard a strange sound from above. It sounded like someone screaming.

"Look out below!" The voice yelled as its source crashed into the ground, creating a rather large crater. "I'm okay." The person groaned as he climbed out. Toph knew it was the same assassin she had just been thinking about.

"I meant to do that." He said as he started to shake the dirt out of his hair. Toph was surprised to see that he actually did mean to do that. "Oh hey it's you, Toph right?" the assassin asked when he finished

"Yeah. Who are you again?" Toph asked.

"Lee Chun, at your service." Lee said with an exaggerated bow. "How may I be of assistance?"

"You can get out of here!" Toph yelled as she kicked the ground sending three rock pillars shooting out of the ground at Lee's chest. Lee smiled as he jumped in the air and pushed off them, allowing him to flip in the air. While he was air born he pulled a large tower up and landed perfectly in the middle.

"Why don't you get up here and make me?" Lee taunted from his elevated position. Without a word Toph launched herself up towards Lee. Lee laughed as he made the tower taller, forcing Toph to grab onto the side. With surprising speed Toph began to climb the tower. Lee stomped a few times, causing small spikes shoot out of the surface of the tower, but they were always just a little bit above Toph.

"Is he trying to stop me or help me?" Toph asked herself as she used the spikes as handholds. When she reached the top Lee stood there calmly.

"Well you got up here pretty..." Toph cut him off by sliding her foot forward, sending a good-sized plate of earth shooting out of the ground at Lee. The assassin back flipped over the attack and landed just on the edge of the extension.

"You fight more like an airbender than an earthbender." Toph remarked with the slightest hint of a smile. "Maybe I should call him Twinkle Toes instead of Aang."

"Funny, my master says the same thing." Lee said as he attacked Toph in the same way she did. The two continued to bend slab after slab of earth at each other. Lee would always do some elaborate maneuver to avoid Toph's, and Toph would either just utterly destroy Lee's or stop them in their tracks.

"Why don't you use those earth soldiers of yours?" Toph asked as she grabbed Lee's latest attack.

"No point when you already know how to beat them." Lee answered as he stomped his foot, sending multiple spikes shooting out at Toph's feet. Toph jumped in the air to avoid having her feet skewered, but because she wasn't in contact with the ground she couldn't see Lee as he kicked up a rock then kick it directly at her. The rock caught her directly in the chest and knocked just far enough where she began to plummet down to the ground.

"Oops." Lee said as he dived after her. After falling about 40 feet Lee caught up to Toph and grabbed her wrist. After words he kicked his feet into the tower to stop their fall. "Got ya." Lee said as Toph reached out and grabbed onto the tower's side.

"Why did you save me?" Toph asked.

"Well it'd be a shame to let such a pretty face turn into nothing but a stain on the ground." Lee joked causing Toph to slightly blush. "Anyway you got a good hold on the tower?"

"Yeah." Toph answered.

"So I can let go?" Lee's answer was a stone pillar jutting out into his side, sending him flying off the tower, as Toph hit the tower with her free hand. Lee flew a good distance before he slammed onto the ground a slid about ten feet. "I probably deserved that." He groaned. By the time Toph had slid the rest of the way down, Ursa had finally arrived.

"Well he seems quite smitten by you." Ursa commented.

"What makes you say that?" Toph asked sarcastically.

"The giant rose the two of you made." Ursa said.

"What?" Toph asked as she noticed the shape of the "tower". It was indeed shaped like a giant rose. Toph blushed before she changed the subject. "So what news do you have?" Ursa just grinned.

Forgotten Father

Nikki stood with her mother Miku, outside of a local gang hideout. This particular gang had been harassing them for weeks now and Miku had decided it was time to deal with it.

"Why don't we just tell the authorities?" Nikki asked.

"Because they won't do anything." Miku answered, "Your father and I used to do this all the time back when we were dating."

"You and father fought gangs?" Nikki asked. "Is that why he left us?"

Miku swore under her breath, "Sort of." was her short reply. "Would you just forget about him? He's gone and he's not coming back." Nikki felt her words seemed to be forced. She wanted to press further, but there was no arguing with her mother.

"You ready?" Miku asked.

"Yeah." Nikki responded as they burst into the hideout. The two women used their firebending to put out the candles in the room. The people in the room panicked and attacked the two shadowed figures with their flimsy and cheap weapons. The mother and daughter expertly disarmed their attackers and delivered swift but debilitating blows to their enemies. Within a matter of minutes most of the gang members were running for their lives.

"Now will you tell me about father?" Nikki asked as she kicked a groaning man in the gut.

"I thought I told you to forget about him?" Miku said turning to her daughter, not noticing the gang member who had stayed hidden throughout the fight.

"Hard to forget a man you know virtually nothing about." Nikki countered. Nikki's father had left her and her mother when she was only six. Nikki barely remembered what he looked like.

"Look Nikki about your father. He..." Miku was stopped however by a concentrated blast of fire that struck her in the shoulder.

"Mom!" Nikki yelled as her mother dropped to the floor.

"How do you like that you bitch!" the gangster yelled. Nikki immediately recognized him.

"Tai!" she yelled as the young man shot another ball of fire at her. Nikki swatted the ball away and blasted Tai with a rage filled blast that completely engulfed him.

Minutes later Nikki and a group of doctors were rushing Miku into a hospital. "Don't leave me Mom! Don't leave me like Father did!" she cried as they entered, unaware of the eyes that had been watching the entire time.

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