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April 9, 2010

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New Discoveries is the twenty third chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Zuko helps Aang finally master Firebending while the Dai Li get a lead to the location of the Earth King.


A man runs through the halls of a building. He arrives at the end of the hall and places his rock covered hand against it. He pushes briefly, and the wall sinks into the ground. The agents in the room turn briefly, and upon realizing that there was no threat, they went back to their activities. "Where is Long Feng?" the agent asked the group.

"Same room he always is. Why? Is there something important?" an agent replies, indifferent.

"Yes." He ignores the looks of curiosity on the agents' faces and walks past all of them. He knocks on a door and enters the room quietly. "Long Feng, I have found news about the Earth King."

The leader's face lit up for a second, turning around to face the agent. "What news do you have?"

"I heard that there was a man complaining about a man's bear that ate all of his crops. I thought that might be promising. I think that we should check there."

"How do you know that it's him?"

"I found out from another citizen from a local village talking about a wise young man with a pet bear passing through town."

"Good... Where did he go?"

"The man said the Earth King said something about seeing how a city is supposed to be run." the agent quickly replies.

Long Feng speaking angrily. "That spoiled little hog monkey! Doesn't he know that I ran Ba Sing Se perfectly until the Avatar ruined my utopia? We need to find him, so the utopia will be restored. Spread the word: We're going to that city."

"How will we get in? We're fugitives, and you would be arrested by any guard that saw you."

"If anyone tries to stop us, we will fight. No one will stand in our way." Long Feng replies, an evil sneer flashing across his face.

Rest before the Search

Appa touched down on the Earth Kingdom with a thud. As the team jumped off of Appa, he quickly fell to his side.

Aang looks at Appa and rubs his stomach, "Good job Appa. Nice flying." Appa groans loudly and goes back to sleep.

Zuko looks around. "Well, this is camp?"

"I guess so."

"Okay, then." Zuko turns to a tree nearby and sends a small fire whip to slice off some branches. He picks them up and breaks them and sets them in a clearing before sending a small spark to the center with his middle and index fingers.

Aang begins applauding him. "Good job Zuko. That was impressive."

"Speaking of that Aang, you need to finish your Firebending training. Now that we have some time, let's finish now." Zuko motions for Aang to follow him. They move to a cliff side before Zuko stops him.

"Okay Aang. I know we've been over this before, but I just need to make sure you've mastered some of the basics. I want you to make a massive fire blast right now." Aang turns to the cliff side and fires a large fire blast towards the ocean.

"You didn't charge it. Remember how effective it makes your attacks?" Zuko turns and creates a much larger stream, warming the rest of the team from a larger distance.

"Now do it again." Aang turns, charges for a brief second, and creates a stream every bit as powerful as Zuko's.

"Good job Aang. Now do it with a kick."

Aang kicks towards the ocean, sending a large arc of flame over the sea. "Now, we're going to use your feet, so get ready. I've recently figured this out, so you might not have seen me use this before." Zuko then walks off of the cliff, vanishing from sight. The entire team rushes over to the cliff and looks down, with the exception of Toph, who is waiting for a splash.

"What are you doing Zuko?" Katara screams while handing Aang his staff. "Aang, help him!"

Aang opens his glider just as Zuko reaches the height of the cliff. "Hello, Zuko here."

"How are you doing that? Only Airbenders can fly!"

Zuko touches down on the cliff side. "Not really, my father and sister can do it, so I learned. And now, I'm going to teach you. First you will need to compress your fire. This will allow it to propel you. Then you will need to be able to balance on it. You've balanced on that air ball of yours, so there is no need to work on that."

"Do you mean like this?" Aang begins propelling himself into the air using Firebending, but soon rockets up into the air at a very fast speed. After flying over a hundred feet above the rest of the team, before stopping firebending. He then propels himself above the water and enters a free fall with a huge smile on his face. He passes the team while waving before plummeting to the water. He raises some of it and goes under the surface before rising in a water spout. He steps onto the cliff surface and bends the water out of his clothes. "How was that?"

"If you were any normal Firebender, you would be dead now. I guess you're just lucky. Control it more, and you'll get it." Aang proceeds to jet above the cliff side, hovering in one place to prove his control.

"Well, I guess you've mastered Firebending then."

"Good job, you've mastered the elements in only 113 years!" Sokka adds.

The team walks back to camp, taking a break after a hard days flying. As they sit down, they begin thinking about how to go about finding the Dai Li agents who are all over the vast area of the Earth Kingdom. "Well, all we know is that they have been attacking villages all over the Earth Kingdom. There has apparently been no pattern on which villages have been attacked." Sokka recites.

"Well, I guess we need to just go to villages and ask about Dai Li activity." Aang suggests.

"Will they really tell us?" Katara asks.

Earth tent

Toph decides to put off her decision making

"I don't see why not" Zuko says. "We are helping them after all."

"The nearest town is Torung Village. I think we should check there."

"Works for me." Toph says as she falls to her back on the ground. "We'll hammer out the details tomorrow..." she adds before raising her earth tent.


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