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New Babies Are Born
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Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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25 August 2011

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Escaping Prison

Previously, On Avatar

Aang took Ozai's firebending out of him and newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko ended The War.

Ozai was imprisoned, Firelord Zuko asked him where is Zuko's mother, and he answered that she's in the most secret room of The Boiling Rock, Ursa's Room.

Chapter 1 : New Babies Are Born

Having some time to relax, Team Avatar were all guests at the Fire Nation Palace for four years, which in Sokka married Suki and had two children, Aang married Katara and had three children, and Zuko married Mai and had one son.

After this period of time, Zuko revealed to his Team Avatar friends that he thinks his mother is alive, and knows where is she. He asked Aang and Katara to help him, they accepted happily and went with Zuko and Mai on Appa to The Boiling Rock. There, Fire Lord Zuko commanded "Listen to me guards, I know my mother is here! I have to know about how did she end up here, please bring her here and tell me the whole story".

The guards went to bring Ursa from her dungeon "the secret room" while prisoners watched her being freed in anger.

Fire Lord Zuko went crying when he saw his mother's face, and ran to hug her.

-"You are a man now, my little Fire Lord" Ursa to Zuko

-"Yes I am, mom. It's so nice to see you, my father always told us that you are.. dead".

Zuko and friends went to drink tea with the guards and Ursa, as the guards told the story :

Your Majesty, it's an honor to host you here.

First of all, when Ozai was crowned Fire Lord, he told us he's having problems with his wife... According to him, Ursa was yelling at him "You should end this horrible war!"

Four years later, Ozai came here and told us "Never tell this to anyone if you want to live. This is my wife, imprison her in the top secret room because she will be declared as dead in the public".

"Wow", said Zuko, "My father.. My own Father.. he was a monster!".

"Yes he was..", said Ursa, "So what about you Aang ? How do you feel being the hero that ended The War ?"

Aang : "Well.. erm.. I feel proud of myself.. but I couldn't defeat the Fire Nation without my friends.. no offense".

Ursa : "Don't worry Avatar. And you Katara... How could you come to here while you have three children in the Fire Nation capital ?"

Katara : "Suki's a real help, she knows how to deal with children very well, she is be a great mother to Mikko and Yong!"

Zuko : "I think we better go and tell the Fire Nation about another crime by monster Ozai, imprisoning his own wife without a reason"

Mai : "Yeah, I also need to go back, I need to be with my little prince Maiko, he is probably hungry now"

Ursa : "Oh dear Fire lady, you're a nice person I see"

Katara : "Now lets go"

After this conversation, the five people jump on Appa and say goodbye and thank you to the guards, and travel back to The Fire Nation Capital.

Firelord Zuko shows the Fire Nation that his mother is alive, and reveals that his sister Azula is mentally sick and is in a hospital.

Sokka decided that it's time for Team Avatar to separate around the world, as he stated that "the palace would host us(them) no more" :

  • Aang, Katara, and their sons will live on the Southern Air Temple.
  • Sokka, Suki and their sons will go to the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Firelord Zuko, Firelady Mai, and the Fire Prince will stay in the Fire Nation Capital.

"And what about me ?", said Toph.

"Erm.. you can join Iroh in Ba Sing Se at his tea shop and new home"

"No!", said Toph angrily, "I think I'll go to my parents, I kinda missed them and I think they missed me too, They moved to Omashu recently".

Sokka : "Good Idea!"

Zuko : "I'll give each.. family of you an airship, one to the South Pole travelers, one to Toph, and one to the Temple travelers"

Toph : "I can't drive!"

Aang : "Wait, I also think I don't need one. I have Appa. Besides, we are not traveling now, we'll stay here for a while, I want to plan with you what is next on the list, what will we do to make it up for all the people who got injured and killed in the war."

Zuko : "You're right, this is a new era, we will.."

Sokka stops Zuko : "Okay, okay.. you plan things later..." and then he screamed happily "I'll just drive my airship now! Yeehoooo!"

Zuko ordered two airship drivers to lead Toph to her home.

After Sokka, Suki, their Waterbender son Mikko, and their non-bender Earth Kingdom daughter Yong traveled to the South Pole, and Toph was led to her home, Aang started to plan with Zuko.

Zuko : "So Aang, do you have plans ?"

Aang : "I think after the Air Nomads, the Southern Water Tribe have the biggest damage caused by The War, we should start with them.. What do you think ?"

Zuko : "I need to tell you something Aang, it's not related to your talks but.. my paternal grandfather was Sozin as you know, but his friend is my maternal grandfather, Avatar Roku."

Aang got confused, "So I'm your.. Grandfather ?"

Katara : "Yes, it's so complex, you also married a woman who's younger than you by a century"

Aang : "Yeah, it's very very complex. But let's go on with plans.. What do you have Zoku ?"

Zuko said "We should start with the Southern Water Tribe, I think Sokka would be delighted if a city is named after him" then smiled.

Katara : "And I will, too"

Aang : "But the Water Tribe doesn't live in cities, don't they ?"

Katara : "But they will soon"

Zuko : "I agree"

Aang yawned then said : "I'm tired and sleepy, can we sleep in the palace one more night Zuko ?"

Zuko : "Be my guests"

Katara : "I'll go get the boys, Tenzin and Meelo, you go get Jinora and we all go to sleep"

Aang : "Okay"


  • The prisoners which were angry are Ozai, Zhao, and their allies.

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