Never Again
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16 August 2011

He was in the iceberg.

Never aware.

Not knowing.

As a wave of red consumed his people.

All he had ever known, his own home. Gone. Forever. Burned. To ashes.

He did not know.

Although his eyes glowed bright, they emitted no living light; although this arrow gleamed blue, he, in the iceberg, did not realize who had given him it, for what it was given for, was slowly dying. That day. The day part of him disappeared forever.

Friends. Family. Monk Gyatso, who had cared for him, and loved him, sat in a circle of fire, surrounded and cornered. And the soldiers raised their arms to strike- and, so simply and so quickly, in that very moment- he lost the only father he had ever known.

He died saying he was sorry. I am sorry, Aang. And the boy who sat in the iceberg never knew. He lived on.

He sat, a vein of blue running up his back and around his arms. His knuckles were pressed together. He never knew.

He felt, but never knew.

He was in the iceberg.

Never aware.

Never knowing.

And now, never again.

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