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By DragonGirl028 Part of the The Rise of Avatar Singi continuity.
Biographical information

Proto-Northern Water Tribe


84 (Book 1: Tension)


9,834 BG

Physical description



5'0" or 1.52m

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Light blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice



Four daughters, six grandchildren

Love interest(s)

Adak (husband; deceased)


Singi, Gekkō

Chronological and political information

Healing instructor


Master healer


Proto-Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

"The Art of Mending" (only appearance)

Nenana is a female waterbender and the shaman of her tribe located in the North Pole. She specializes in the art of healing, and instructs young women of her tribe on how to use their waterbending abilities for various healing purposes. Upon Avatar Singi and her waterbending master, Gekkō, being rescued from a powerful blizzard by a hunting party from her tribe, she teaches the special sub-skill to Singi, much to Gekkō's envy.


Nenana is a very wise and warm, caring person. She can also be rather sassy at times, however, cracking witty jokes about men and how "they would never survive without us [women], and I don't just mean with regard to the healing..." Her admiration for the healing role women play in the tribes, in addition to her wise-cracking jokes about men, signify her as a gynocentrist.


Early Life

Nenana spent the first five years of her life growing up in a water lion turtle city, and is one of the few [known] people still alive who has lived during the era of Raava, and been present during the onset of the era of the Avatar.

Book 1: Tension

Introduction to Singi and Gekkō

Nenana meets a weakened Singi and Gekkō at her hut in her tribe's settlement. After being brought to her hut by the tribe's hunting party upon finding them disoriented in the blizzard, Nenana provides them with a warm meal and a much-needed healing session.

Upon noticing Singi's airbender tattoos and robes, she notes that she understands the airbender's shivering and weakness, not being a member of the proto-Water Tribe and thus, not used to the bitter cold temperatures of the polar regions. Glancing over at Gekkō, however, with a smirk, she is "shocked" to find a waterbender, and even more-so, a man, not entirely immune to the effects of the blizzard. At this, Gekkō stutters that he is not from the polar regions, resulting in a [slightly] sarcastic gasp from the elderly woman, who remarks that he "must be more disoriented than he thought", as many members of the proto-Water Tribe have settled in one of the two polar regions upon the onset of the era of the Avatar.


  • Nenana is also the name of a river and a nearby city in Alaska, the latter of the two best known for being the starting point for the 1925 serum run to Nome to combat an incipient diphtheria epidemic.
    • Similarly, Adak, Nenana's former husband, shares his name with an Alaskan city on an island of the same name. The word Adak is from the Aleut word adaq, which means "father", and the city of Adak is the westernmost municipality in the United States, and the southernmost city in Alaska.
  • Nenana is one of the only people still alive that Singi has met who grew up in a lion turtle city.

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