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Naton Anoka Edol
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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

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Earthbending, firebending, airbending, waterbending

  • Terran and Kim Edol (biological parents)
  • Wushu and Linnie Anoka (adoptive parents)

Alang, Baara, Kendo Gardie, Onza, Tazen



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Avatar, Juice maker




Ben Hai



First appearance

Chapter 1- The Ben Hai

Last appearance

Chapter 36- Day of the Dark Lord Part 2

Naton Anoka Edol is the earth Avatar after Korra. He was born from Terran and Kim Edol, but they abandoned him at a young age. He was adopted by Wushu and Linnie Anoka and lived in the town of Guang. He met the Ben Hai and realized he was the Avatar, and he became a key role in the Dark-bending War. He began a romantic relationship with the earth-native Baara.


He was a low-lying person for many years, not noticed by most people. He lived in his humble home as an only child, but he still resented the parents who left him. When he found out he was the Avatar, he was overjoyed to find out he was a "somebody". He had always longed to be someone important, but he soon realized being the Avatar is hard business. He is a good friend, strong, loyal and an ideal Avatar. He still is unsure of certain things. His most major flaw is his hatred towards his blood parents.


Early Life

Naton was born in Omashu by his parents Terran and Kim Edol. They cared for him for about 3 years, until the wise firebender, Sageus Yin told them their son was the Avatar. Terran was disappointed and begged Sageus to make Naton forget how to bend. Sageus wiped all memories of being the Avatar and his parents left him outside of the Omashu walls. The fruit juice merchants Wushu and Linnie found the crying Naton, and took him back to their town and adopted him.

Life in Guang

Naton lived happily with his new parents, helping with their shop. Although no one really bought their products, they stayed in business for 24 years. Then, as Naton was on an errand, he ran into the Ben Hai chasing some dark-benders attempting to steal from the Guang Bank. The Ben Hai took him in as their chef, but Naton sneaked into their secret storage and touched the Gem of a Thousand Lights. He was teleported to the Spirit World, where he realized he was the Avatar.

Becoming the Avatar

The spirit Alang helped Naton master bending in the Spirit World. He mastered the 4 elements and returned to the physical world. Onza told Naton that he must master the Avatar State and they traveled to the Forest of Thorns to meet the spiritual master, Kendo Gardie. After the Battle at the Forest of Thorns, Naton joined the Flare Rebels, along with the rest of the Ben Hai, and rescued Tazen from the Spirit World.

In Republic City, Naton helped the Ben Hai go undercover to track down the SEA. After the evacuation of Republic City, Naton encountered chi-benders on the Night of the Green Moon. In Omashu, Naton faced off against Kaaju, and barely won, receiving serious injuries. He rested until the UDRF landed in the Southern Water Tribe, where he entered the Spirit Portal. He then entered the Tree of Time and found his memory of his parents leaving him. He received aid from the memory spirit Karana, and watched the Dark Memory. He then trained in cosmic-bending with the bending spirit Hailo. After the training, he returned to physical world, only to see the Southern Water Tribe had been deserted. Sageus Yin, Onza and Tazen rescued him and took him to his parents, who were refugees in Ongang. Naton reluctantly met his father, Terran. Shortly after meeting him, Naton received news that Wushu and Linnie were killed during a dark-bending raid. He collapsed in disbelief, and refused to accept that Terran was his true father.

Defeating Darkness

When he received news that the UNEA was heavily defeated, he, Tazen, Onza and Yin flew to Ba Sing Se, where they found the remaining survivors. The guardian spirit took them to the Land of the Dead, where Naton used cosmic-bending, learned from Hailo, to bring them back to life. But he could not revive his foster parents. The UNEA then charged onto Pitch Peak. Naton defeated Mome, but then Kaaju betrayed Mome. Naton used cosmic-bending to destroy Kaaju, but it went awry and he destroyed his own soul. Onza sacrificed his soul to save Naton, and Naton defeated Kaaju, thus saving the world from eternal darkness.

After the War

Naton began dating his lover, Baara. He became the supreme realized Avatar, and continue to restore justice in the United World. He helped build New Republic City. He married Baara, and had 2 children.


Wushu's Fruit Juice

His foster father, Wushu, owned a fruit juice shop in Guang, and Naton helped his father manage the shop. Although the shop wasn't very popular, they kept it in business for a long time. After the war, Naton worked with his biological parents to make the Anoka Cuisine, a restaurant inside New Republic City.


Naton's memory of being the Avatar was wiped when he was an infant, and he lived on unknowing of his identity. When he joined the Ben Hai as their chef, he was revealed to be the Avatar. He then went on to surpass all other Avatars before him.


As the Avatar, he could bend all 4 elements.


He was skilled in firebending and slowly mastered it. Because he never was a feisty or fiery person, fire was the hardest element to master. But it became easier as the hatred for his parents grew.


Airbending was slightly easy for Naton, being that he was a light-hearted person and was never really feisty.


Waterbending was also very easy for him, partly because he used water in his shop.


Naton was very good at earthbending, but wasn't as easy as water or air.


When Baara said that Naton was her last hope in the world, she began to like him, and before the attack on Pitch Peak, she shared his affection for him, not as the Avatar, but as a fellow comrade and friend. After the war, they became a couple and later married.

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