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Ba Sing Se Royal Palace Early Morning

Zuko wakes up, he walks to the tea room and calls for a servant to pour him some tea. As he drinks he hears a loud clanging at in the yard below followed by several screams. He rises to his feet and rushes to the window, "What's happening"! and then the window is shattered by a rock thrown by an earthbender. Zuko is saved from the rock when Feng appears and blasts it apart with a quick bolt of firebending. Zuko and Feng run through the palace screaming for everyone to get up. "Aang, Katara, Kuei, wake up we got to go now"! Zuko an Feng scream.

"What" Katara says as she and Aang steps out of their room.

"No time go! go! now!". They run out of the palace as they are joined by the Earth King Kuei, Zuko screams "Aang, get Appa we have to get to the airship now!"

Suddenly Dang appears behind them he yells "Huang their getting away hurry!", Huang emerges up the stairs and begins to bend a nearby statue of the Earth King he hurled it at Aang who goes into the Avatar State and uses earth bending to shatter the statue into a million pieces. Dang and Huang stand with gaping jaws as Aang uses airbending to blast them down the stairs. Aang then hops onto Appa with Katara and fly off as Zuko,Feng and the Earth King do the same on the airship.

On board Fire Nation Airship

Zuko and Feng stand on the walkway of the Airship large rocks fly past them both of them shot blasts of fire deflecting several of the rocks. Suddenly a particularly large rock flies toward Feng, Zuko shoots a powerful blast of lightning at the rock. The rock shatters but as Zuko watches in horror a piece of the rock pierces his sons side, "Ahhhh!" Feng falls to the floor in agony, Zuko rushes over to him he drags his son into the flight deck.

"What happened" yells the pilot but just then the Fire Lord grabs his chest and collapses to the floor. Two servants drag the two men to the back of the airship, Zuko completely lifeless, and Feng in complete agony, they put them down on two beds as the noise stops as they have cleared the earthbenders range.

On Appa

Aang and Katara had been able to outrun the earthbenders faster than the airship even though Appa was older they could still go faster than the cumbersome airship. "How could I let this happen, how could I not stop them, how could I not have negotiated you" Aang yells at himself.

"Shhhhh, calm down, there's nothing you could have done an attack like that had to have been planned in advance maybe even before the strikes began" Katara responds in her calm voice.

"I know, I know is just its been over thirty years since the end of the war and I swore to myself I would never let something like this happen and now I might have just started another war".

Katara looked shocked "Started another war? Aang, you didn't start this why are you so hard on yourself, this will all turn out fine I'm sure."

Fire Nation Royal Palace Sunset

The Fire Lady and her youngest daughter pace around the Fire Lords study. The Fire Lady is distressed, she looks up at the portrait of her husband situated above his desk. The Fire Lady breaks the silence "Why does your father and brother torture us with this, we havn't got a hawk or anything, all we know is that Ba Sing Se is overrun by rebels" she pauses "What do you think Ursa".

The Princess looks up from the portrait of her brother she had been staring at, "I don't know, where is Feng's wife?"

"Ta Loan's still in the other room, she's completely distraught" the Fire Lady says in response.

A servant knocks on the door "Fire Lady Mai the Avatar's bison and the Imperial Airship have arrived."

"Let's go." Mai, and Ursa make their way outside they are joined by Ta Loan. Suddenly the expression on their faces turns to horror as the blood coved lifeless bodies of Zuko and Feng are carried past them.

"Are they dead?" Mai says in shock.

One of the guards answers her. "No, just unconscious". The three women sink to the ground in shock.

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