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Naoren De
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Chapter 20: The Campaign of Two Nations Part 2: A Divided Nation

Naoren De is the adviser to old king who talks too much known as King Gao Zau the leader of Omashu. Usually quieting his own boss because sometimes he either makes no sense or is extremely rude. Even though it looks like Naoren likes his job, its actually the other way around where Gao Zu treats him like crap. Sometimes they have their moments like an old married couple.


Raised as the only child in a noble home, Naoren was a shy boy throughout his childhood, and he was often picked up by the various school children. He was intelligent and excelled quite well academically. After his education was over, he sought greater knowledge on political powers and had gone to the university in Ba Sing Se.

Returning at the age of 33, he was a politician for a great eight years before retiring from the political field within the world. Naoren was once a governor for Gao Zao dealing with most of the north-western portion of the western Earth Kingdom.

After retirement, Gao Zu had offered him a place in his palace as Gao Zu's adviser, smart man and all Gao Zu treats Naoren like crap. But Naoren knows there is no better job than being the King's adviser. Plus it pays well. Gao Zu, doesn't really make the decisions anymore either seeing as how everyone in the western Earth Kingdom knows he nuts, Naoren runs everything although Gao Zu is the one with power.

In fact any idea that Gao Zu, creates Naoren and various other politicians either dumb down the idea or alter it to make the people happy. Naoren and Gao Zu, are always in small disputes arguing about pointless topics.

Divided Kingdom

Just like in the past when Gao Zu, had pulled his troops half way through the Thirty Year War. He and Gao Zu had been invited to Ba Sing Se, for a war council with Earth King Qiang Zhen, where they would discuss the current events between the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes. Naoren was disappointed when half way through the council meeting that Gao Zu would reject and refuse to lend aid to the eastern counterpart of the Earth Kingdom.

Rude as can be Gao Zu, had spat on the floor when Qiang Zhen had pulled out the treaty, and told the young king of what he thought of the treaty. Naoren was angered at Gao Zu throughout the entire way back to the city of Omashu.


Naoren De, was born a non-bender with no actual capabilities of defending himself by any means necessary. Although he knows how to persuade and barter real well, as those skills have helped him out in the past.



  • Naoren De means "annoying" in Chinese, and this is how Gao Zu actually thinks of Naoren.
  • Naoren has no relations to Yule De or her son, Yule De is the mayor of Chao Lake.
  • In the comic book version, Naoren actually stays behind and becomes the regent of Omashu while Gao Zu and everything is thrown into chaos because they chose to party.

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