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Biographical information

Fire Nation


Early Adulthood

Physical description


Hair color
  • Long, Black (formerly)
  • Short, Brown
Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



Unclear (formerly Zuruk, Quang, Jinzao)

Chronological and political information
  • Imperial Guard (formerly)
  • Escaped Convict

Accused of Treason

  • Imperial Firebenders (formerly)

Naomi was once a loyal guard of Fire Lord Jinzao. Now accused and convicted of treason, she is on the run from the Fire Nation authorities on a mission to prove her innocence.


As a member of the most elite guards in the Fire Nation, Naomi was very serious and tended to focus strictly on her job. Now on the run, she allows herself to loosen up and displays her true, creative, cunning self.


While Naomi, a member of the Imperial Firebenders, was conducting an safety evaluation of the Fire Nation Royal Palace, she happened to find the Fire Lady alone in a large banquet hall. After speaking, the Fire Lady informed her that her husband, Fire Lord Jinzao had been suspiciously missing from their dinner. Naomi rushed to Jinzao's bedchambers with her fellow agent, Zuruk. There, they found the Fire Lord sleeping with a woman whom they did no recognize. This sparked fury in both Jinzao and Naomi who began to scream at each other in anger, Naomi was particularly upset because she had dedicated her career to protecting a man whom she thought held high morals.

Later, during the annual Fire Day's Festival, two small explosives nearly killed Fire Lord Jinzao, and he automatically suspected Naomi of attempting to assassinate him. Commander Quang of the Imperial Firebenders immediately ordered his men to kill the accused traitor, but Naomi, an exceptional Firebender, managed to escape and is now on the run from Fire Nation authorities.


  • Naomi is slightly inspired by Evelyn Salt.
  • It is up to the individual reader to determine whether or not she is innocent.

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