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Southern Water Tribe


75 (died 92 AG)

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Light grey

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Light Blue

Personal information

Kanna (wife), Hakoda (son), Southern Water Tribe


Fire Nation

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First appearance

Broken Promises in Eyes of Katara

Nanook was Katara and Sokka's biological grandfather, father of Hakoda and husband to Kanna. He passed away of natural causes in the year of 92 AG, while his son was off looking for a waterbending master for Katara.[1]


Being incapable of waterbending, Nanook focused his agility and proficiency with spears and traps to amend this disadvantage. He had exceptional leadership tactics, having led many battles, counter-attacks and rescue operations in his younger years. However following his injury as well as his aging, his most retained skill was a sharp wit coupled with a sarcastic tongue, a trait he passed on in lesser form to his son.


By the time Nanook had reached the age of seventeen he had been established in the role of Tribal Chief. His father had died in a Fire Nation assault just two years prior, leaving control of the entire tribe to his only child. His mother had been captured by a recent raid, along with nearly a dozen other tribe members all capable of waterbending. Mounting a stalwart rescue operation, Nanook led an attack against the Fire Nation prison holding their fellow tribe members. It was during this rescue that Nanook first met Kanna.

A year later, while dating Kanna, Nanook had enforced his tribe's might in protecting the waters surrounding the South Pole, fending off any and all vessels that affiliated itself with the Fire Nation. After assaulting Fire Nation warships attempting to join battle against the Earth Kingdom to their north, the Southern Water Tribe became targeted as a threat by the Fire Nation. Its entire fleet was redirected, surrounding the tribe in a single massive blow.

The outcome of the battle left the Southern Water Tribe still standing, but Nanook had suffered leg and back injury as well as burns, numerous benders and non-benders alike were wounded or killed. Allowing no time for recovery, the Fire Nation regathered their forces and struck again, and again, intentionally capturing every opponent who showed waterbending capability. These raids left the tribe severely crippled and their home damaged without benders to swiftly repair it. In the end, the raids ceased after having captured every waterbender.

In the year 61 AG, at the age of forty-four, he became a father when his wife Kanna bore them a son, Hakoda.


Bearing the emotional scars of his father's last stand and capture of his mother, Nanook holds a great hatred for the Fire Nation. He leads his warriors with stern rigidity, expecting the best of quality and obedience from each of his own. This same degree of excellence stems to his view of most everyone around him, believing each should be all they can be, submitting one hundred percent no matter the task at hand.

However, despite his rough edges, he's a very light hearted and forgiving individual. He is quick to trust his own kind, believing in an unspoken kindred shared among all who must band together in their times of need. When he is free to be himself, without the duties of war upon his shoulders, he is generally fun-loving and a bit of a prankster. Though the pranks he pulls generally are via others, him being the instigator.


  • The name Nanook means polar bear or master of bears.
  • According to Sokka, Aang's disguise resembled Nanook. [2]

Author's Note

  • Portions of the history section above has been excluded, as they may become a story element later.
  • The image for Nanook was drawn by French Froglegs - Thank you so much!


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