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By Gingalover Part of the Viper's Venom continuity.
Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Viper's Venom.

Biographical information



Earth Kingdom


Human/spirit hybrid

Birth place

Spirit World


"Spirit Wilds"


Unknown (appears 18)



Physical description

5.3 feet

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Ninja blades, energy projectiles

Bending style(s)





Tanin (brother)


Korra, Bolin, Mako, Asami, Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo,Tanin, Naga, Pabu, more...

Chronological and political information
  • Ninja
  • Assassin

First class assassin


Demon Clan



First appearance

Chapter Four (Viper's Venom) (brief)

Chapter Seven (Viper's Venom) (Official)

Nahash is an evilized human/spirit hybrid, brother of Tanin, and main antagonist of Viper's Venom. He knows various amounts of earthbending, being an Earth Kingdom citizen at heart, but hardly shows it, hardly needing it.


He has turned very cruel and insane due to his childhood, and thus, has become very secluded from the rest of the world, often gibbering to himself in his own little world. His logic is lucky to make sense to anyone when it comes to his "personal world". He can only access it if he is alone or undisturbed by anything or anyone, thus cutting off his reality. But if he is asked or told to do anything, that access is cut off and he often would get very mad from this until he gets access back again, at least this is as far as others know.


Spirit World


Nahash with his demonic father

Nahash was born in a forced incarnation by his mother and an evil spirit. Among the two children, Nahash was the one who was brought to the Spirit World by his evil father, thus hardly having any contact with his brother or mother. He grew up among spirits, which would often turn evil by his reaction and behavior. He was never told the reason behind these changes, so he remained alone in the Spirit World, having to survive by himself for many years. Any spirit he would come across would act cruel, rude or violent to him, so he was convinced that the whole world is a cruel place. As time went on, the only friends he ever had were in his imagination, his "personal world" as he puts it, and he likes any chance he gets to escape the deadly world that is reality. Eventually he became completely lost in his own world, becoming more and more insane as time went by. When he grew into his teen years, he finally got old enough to destroy his demonic father, seemingly for no reason what-so-ever. He remained a deadly force in the Spirit World until he found out Korra opened the bridge between the Spirit World and real world, allowing this horror to venture into new territory.


Nahash has various abilities that connect him to the Spirit World. One example is that he is able to turn almost completely invisible at will, a common ability for a spirit. But he can also shoot energy projectiles, similar energy to the energy beams used by Vaatu. He is able to use these abilities in the real world, but only at night, so he also adopted the techniques of a ninja, using ninja blades. He is also able to use earthbending, but hardly has any reason to other than to travel around.


Originally, he was planned to have black skin with white hair. However, since resources were too difficult to find, his appearance was changed to black hair and white skin, looking more dead. He still retained the green eyes. Stripes were also planned, but were removed.

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