Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle continuity.
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Nagrim was a Nifrin warrior who fought in the First War. He was one of the few who wielded an Ish Kash, the Ice Bloom. He was killed by Hakki.


Nagrim was a young warrior amongst the Nifrin who allied with humans to fight against the Spirits. He was gifted the Ice Bloom, an Ish Kash with ice and weather properties.

He fought many battles with his fellow warriors but did not sit well with them, especially Akira. His brash approach to battle made him but heads with most of the others and he would set out on his own.

In a fierce battle, Akira and Kuro managed to wound Akahito, the most powerful spirit the warriors had faced yet. Before they could deal the death blow, he was saved by his brother, Hakki, who easily beat the human warriors into submission. Nagrim foolishly tried to take on the shape-shifting spirit without even his Ish Kash. He was decidedly defeated but lived.

Nagrim would seek out Hakki for a rematch and was obliged by the enigmatic spirit. However, the outcome didn't change and Hakki killed him, taking his Ish Kash and wielding it against Kuro and Akira, his closest rivals.


Nagrim was a Nifrin witch-warrior. He was skilled in combative magic and focused on offensive tactics. He would often fight without his Ish Kash to gauge an enemy before using his valued sword. Nagrim had fully mastered the Ice Bloom, able to use it to its full extent on the few times he did.


Nagrim was hotheaded and brash, opposite his ice sword. He would act instinctively and ignore consequences or challenges. He had a great deal of pride in his abilities and this would lead to his downfall when he tried to face an superior enemy in Hakki.


  • Nagrim had blue hair.
  • Nagrim looked down on most of the other Ish Kash warriors, including Elasa, a fellow Nifrin witch.
  • Nagrim had the most in common with Mira, the wielder of the Fire Lily

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