Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory continuity.
Naga and Korra
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Naga is a loyal polar bear dog, owned and taken care of by Avatar Korra herself. Her loyalty to Korra is unmatched, as she will happily sacrifice herself for her to save her in any time of need. While she and Korra were kept apart for a good while, her love for Korra remained strong.

History (after Book 4)

Naga hadn't changed very much through the past months since Kuvira's defeat, her behaviour remained almost unchanged in an overall sense.

Naga went over with the others when Asami Sato wanted to demonstrate her newly modelled hummingbird mecha suit, only to watch it fall apart during the test. Naga helped carry her, Korra and the mess of metal back to the workshop soon afterwards. When at said workshop, Naga shared the same feeling as Korra, being bored and wanting to just go and do something else, though she stuck around anyway as the time went on. She also went with Korra and her friends once they had to leave for the North Pole.

When the group did get there, Naga was having issues with the Qishi, wanting them to leave her alone, as she kept trying to swipe them away with her claws (mostly failing). That dragged on for a while until Naga was attacked by one of them, which pushed Naga into a deeper frenzy. Among the rest of the team, Naga was the only one able to not just make a direct hit on one of them, but kill one on sight, slashing it into ribbons with her claws. Naga could tell the Qishi became afraid of her, so she drove them all away with a loud roar, which caused the rest of the Qishi in the kingdom to retreat as well.

Since the event, Naga continued going along with the others toward the Fire Nation, going through Jang Hui and Fire Fountain City with Team Avatar. When the group was attacked by a group of Blimpus, Naga sacrificed herself in order to save her friends.

After the incident, she woke up on the Fire Nation's eastern coast, weak, and lost from her owner. Naga continued travelling through the Fire Nation land alone, trying to find Korra until she was found by a Spirit Caravan, who remained alongside her during her travel. During one of her nightmares, she was contacted by an entity, telling her to follow the spirits, which she did. Upon following them, she ended up transported to the Kodai Cavern, where the same entity told her to remain there until the others arrived.


Being a pet polar bear dog, Naga possesses both the loyalty of the dog, and the brutality of the bear. Most of the time, she is friendly, and loyal to her owner, but if angered, she won't hesitate to let her enemies know.

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