This page lists the chapters in the Fanon series Mysteries of My Past.

Chapter # Chapter Title Summary
Chapter One Distant Memories An amnesiac Earth Kingdom soldier, Shenji, and his friend Kuro go through a day of training. After their brief rest, they are alerted to a Fire Nation camp that must be raided.
Chapter Two Retribution Shenji and Kuro's unit attacks a Fire Nation camp, and their Captain takes the information contained within for a secret.
Chapter Three The Question Shenji and Kuro investigate the topic of the information found at the campsite, only to discover surprising results.
Chapter Four The Deserters Shenji and Kuro realize that they need to go on their new mission anyway, and encounter some struggles on the way out.
Chapter Five Fugitive Part 1 Shenji and Kuro get split up on the road to their mission.
Chapter Six Fugitive Part 2 Shenji and his prisonmates try to find a way to escape, while Kuro encounters an unexpected ally.
Chapter Seven The Yu River The three Fugitives attempt to cross a river in order to reach the fort as soon as they can, yet they encounter an obstacle that brings them into close proximity to several foes.
Chapter Eight Crossroads Parallel events chronicle the aftermath of The Fugitive's encounter with a Fire Nation ship.
Chapter Nine Collision Course The Fugitives encounter numerous combined threats as they make their way away from the ship.
Chapter Ten Impasse Ba's death impacts everyone involved while Shenji receives an ominous message.
Chapter Eleven Destination Bound N/A
Chapter Twelve Detour N/A
Chapter Thirteen On Watch N/A
Chapter Fourteen Converging Paths N/A
Chapter Fifteen Who I Am N/A
Chapter Sixteen Unexpected Savior N/A
Chapter Seventeen Old Habits N/A
Chapter Eighteen The Strategic Approach N/A
Chapter Nineteen The Fort, Part 1 - Critical Mistakes N/A
Chapter Twenty The Fort, Part 2 - Destiny Realized N/A

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