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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Mysteries of My Past in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Mysteries of my Past
Mysteries of My Past
I don't know who I am, but I know my destiny.
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The Bos


The Bos


Avatar: Guardian

Mysteries of My Past is a fanon series written by The Bos. It revolves around the adventures of Shenji, an Earth Kingdom soldier who is suffering from amnesia. Throughout his eventual quest, he attempts to discover his identity from his constant dreams and nightmares. The story is set in 92 AG, during the later years of the war, before Aang has awoken from the iceberg.


The story follows Shenji, an amnesiac Earth Kingdom soldier, and his Earthbender friend and comrade Kuro on a quest to prevent the creation of a fort by the Fire Nation. After they desert the army, they are pursued by Cren and Luo, soldiers ordered to capture and return the deserters for trial. Along the way, Shenji and Kuro pick up Kuan, a Waterbender mercenary who resolves to take revenge on the Fire Nation. These Fugitives are also encounter Firebender enemies as well, including Inata and Tazo.


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  • Shenji - A soldier in the Earth Kingdom army who oddly uses war hammers as weapons. He suffers from amnesia and only has memories of his recent events with Kuro's unit.
  • Kuro - An Earthbending soldier in Shenji's unit. Kuro was the soldier who found Shenji on a battlefield battling against Fire Nation and the two became friends soon afterwards. It was his motivation that lead to Shenji and Kuro leaving the military in hopes of preventing a fort from being built.
  • Luo - A growing force in the pair's unit, Luo is a powerful Earthbender and a largely respected leader. He didn't want to join the military, but the draft forced him to be transferred to the front lines. Despite his reluctance to fight, he is a powerful foe and dedicated combatant.
  • Cren - A violent Earthbender who is largely disliked by everyone in the unit, Cren is a violent combatant with a contemptuous personality. Along with Luo, he travels behind Shenji and Kuro to return them to the camp.
  • Kuan - A Waterbender mercenary, Kuan was initially imprisoned by General Mung but escaped from prison and joined Shenji and Kuro. He is a dangerous foe in battle, but has sought enlightenment after the death of his mentor, Gahn.
  • Tazo - A largely likable man, Tazo is a soldier in the Fire Nation army who is tracking Shenji, Kuro, Luo, and Inata for causing the death of his brother Saurin. His drive is derived from his desire to regain the lost honor of his brother's death.
  • Inata - Inata is a cold, disagreeable man who seeks revenge for his defeat by Shenji, Kuro, Kuan, and Luo. He is violent and manipulative, willing to do anything to achieve his goals.

Production History

The series idea was created when The Bos was brainstorming ideas for Avatar: Guardian. He came up with the idea of an amnesiac Earth Kingdom soldier searching for his identity, but failed to come up with a good way to integrate him into Guardian's storyline. Then, after watching a few war movies (and one in particular), he came up with the idea that became Mysteries of My Past.

The Bos immediately began production, writing several chapters which set up the basic plot-line of the series. After having a massive case of writers block during the production of Avatar: Guardian's 1st Book, he decided he could not make chapters at once. He put Mysteries aside for more than a year while he continued working on Guardian, adding a few scenes during slow periods for his first series.

By the time he had finished Avatar: Guardian, The Bos decided he was ready to begin work on Mysteries of My Past. His first step was to refresh himself on what he had already done, so he could know what he needed to do next. Upon reading the chapters, he realized that the chapters were of too low a quality to publish. He began a rewrite of the entire series, starting from the first chapter. He has retained the original plot line, but The Bos made sure to alter events to make them both more believable and easier to follow.

While Mysteries of My Past does not include any direct tie-ins with Avatar: Guardian, it is still connected by a few minor details.


While not widely read, Mysteries of My Past has been highly praised by its few readers. The first chapter, "Distant Memories", was the most read of the early chapters. Natsu11 called the chapter "typical Bos" while praising the story's "greatness." Theavatardemotivator praised the "abstract scenes and imagery" in the "interesting dream." Lovelyb0nes spoke of the "clever writing and set-up for your series" but also noted that "Shenji isn't too interesting." Fanon administrator AvatarRokusGhost said that it was a "great introduction to your new character."

The next chapters received positive reviews by far fewer readers. Lovelyb0nes noted that "the series is shaping up to be an intriguing examination of what life would've been like for the common soldiers in ATLA." Millennia2 said that the chapter was "well done" while H-Man Havoc said the series was "good so far." After reading "The Question", Lovelyb0nes said that Kuro was beginning to be defined while Shenji still remained characterized by his amnesia.

In early September, Natsu11 nominated Mysteries for Featured Fanon series. In his nomination, he said that "love[s the] series and [it] makes me feel as if the characters appear before my very eyes. The chapters are identical to Guardian in awesomeness and I am sure Mysteries deserves being featured." Millennia2 reviewed the series as a part of his reviewing schedule, giving the series 9.5 out of 10 on his scale. The series was also voted the featured fanon series for October.

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