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Air Nomads; Southern Air Temple



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Air, Staff

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Air Nomads, Pasang


Fire Nation, Sozin

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  • Monk
  • Drifter
  • Monk In Exile
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Rude Awakenings

Monk Myaku often simply referred to as Myaku is the main protagonist of the fanon The Runaway. He is one of the few remaining airbenders a hundred years before the Avatar's escape from the iceberg. He is very sceptical and calm and ability wise he has proven to be very agile and fast, but not as powerful bending wise.



Myaku was born in the Western Air Temple and taken to the Southern Air Temple to train with the other men. At some point in his life he was exiled from the temples for some reason.

Book 1

In the beginning of book one Myaku wakes up to find himself prisoner in a sandbender colony, upon breaking out of the colony he and Taizo make their way to Omashu, along the way fighting Colonel Lang. When the two of them finally make it to the city, they are arrested for the destruction and massacre of the sandbender colony and are placed under house arrest in Omashu. The two realize that Omashu is at unrest and when Taizo is captured by Lang, Myaku, along with his new friend Bumi rush off to help. After a long and deadly battle and finally defeating Lang, Myaku and his companions are once again arrested for the chaos caused by fighting Lang.


Myaku is quiet, isolated and often sullen over his fate as the last remaining airbender. Though proven to be heavily sceptical, he doesn't in fact believe himself to be the last and hopes that many more still live. Though questionable in character, Myaku has proven to be trust worthy and honest to those around him; he dislikes company and has a hard time trusting those around him. He leads a very nihilistic life style. Due to a hard and complicated past, he has a hard time bonding or making friends of others. Unlike many monks, he is quick to anger and often allows anger to cloud his judgment, though he has proven to not be a complete pacifist, he has a high level of respect towards life and dislikes senseless killing.


Myaku, as shown above doesn't wear the usual attire of the monks, instead of a palette of orange and yellow clothing he dons a mix of black, grey and red fabrics that mix in together to form a makeshift robe. Black pants and black Fire Nation boots, Myaku is indeed not a man of tradition, proven by the fact that instead of carrying a wooden glider, Myaku carries a steel staff in which his glider, with black wings, is contained.

He has a shaved head with a little stubble growing, his face is rather long and he is considered by many to be skinny and not that muscular.


Myaku is not the strongest airbender you could ever meet. Though being nearly nineteen of age, he has minimal if that control of airbending and his skills in it are often rather shameful. Unlike many air benders, airbending doesn't come as easily to him and often just relies more on his agility and speed. How knows only a few airbending moves and tends to use them on in dire situations due to his status as an exile. His most frequently used airbending moves are some of the most basic ones, most notably the air blast and a slightly smaller and weaker variation of the air sphere. He has shown exceptional skill in
Air sphere

Myaku using his air sphere

quickly creating a powerful, though smaller and slightly weaker than the master level, air sphere which he used to block a huge amount of flames.

Despite being a relatively weak airbender, Myaku is incredibly skilled in gliding, he can easily glide and out fly other flying objects and is quite versatile in air. As proven during the third chapter, Myaku flies quite easily and can hold at least one person with himself as he flies. He can easily dodge arrows and fire attacks and has proven to be hard to follow when he's in flight.


  • A Running gag for Myaku is that he is often mistaken for the Avatar.

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