Baby Aang

Aang as a baby.

Guys this is just some random story I made up about Aang's parents. I hope you like it. And forgive me if there are spelling errors.

A woman held her baby in her arms. "It's alright, it's alright," she cooed softly to the bundle of blankets that he was wrapped in. After a pause, she looked up and whispered, "I'm sure you'll be a great airbender." Her child whimpered softly as she continued, "Come on, aren't you excited? You'll learn so much." Then, with a soft sigh, she gazed into her first child's gray eyes. "I'll miss you."

Then, suddenly, a rough hand grabbed the baby. As soon as his mother's touch left him, he began to cry.

"Let me calm him down for you," the man said mockingly. "I'll-" But he could not finish. The child's mother had sent him hurtling backward with a powerful blast of air. She reclaimed her baby, dodging between his attacks, as he, still wrapped snugly in his blankets, rolled out of the man's grasp. The infant was crying hysterically. His mother desperately tried to calm him.

The woman cradled him tenderly and started singing quietly, rocking the baby in her arms. Suddenly, out of the gloom, two other men appeared, bearing weapons. There was the twang of a bow as it sent an arrow to strike the mother overhead, but she blocked it with another shield of wind. All around her people attacked, but they were no match for her bending. The woman's eyes blazed with a fire that she had never felt before, one that swore to protect her child against anything that she could stop.

The fighting ended as a cold voice sounded. "Stop trying to win against my forces, Kira. However foolish the monks' teachings are, I will yield to them one last time and spare your life if you give me the child."

Shocked recognition shone in Kira's eyes as she rasped, "No. Not you, you'd never, Henni."

A humorless laugh echoed around the dark alley. "Oh, yes I would." Then Henni's voice turned commanding. "Hand over the child!"

Kira's hand ran over the whimpering baby's face, seemingly for the last time. Then she said quietly, "No. I won't.


Kira stood up, still not facing her. "No." Time seemed to slow down as, in rage, Henni sent an arrowhead striking straight into Kira's back. A spasm racked her body, then she was still.

Everything was quiet, except for the frantic crying still coming from the baby.

Suddenly, a bluish glow started coming from the blanket. As her assistants backed away, Henni paced with impatience. "Well, take the child and go then!" she said.

As a man tentatively loosened the folds of the blankets, a sudden gust of wind blew him back. For a second, his eyes met blue ones. Then he, his comrades, and Henni could only watch as the blanket rose to the sky in a globe of air.

Far away, the globe settled on the front stairs of the Southern Air Temple. The blue glow in the blankets diminished. A few moments passed. There was a small commotion inside the temple as the child's crying was heard, and then the doors of the monastery swung open as two hands with arrow tattoos on them took the crying orphaned baby inside.

The story of Avatar Aang has begun.

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