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My Name Is Ilah is a short-series fanon by Agent Slash. All chapters are expected to be released between books two and three of Agent Slash's current fanon.


Throughout the Hundred Year War, the world fought desperately to defeat the ruthless forces of the Fire Nation, including some of its own citizens. In the earlier stages of the war, a group of anti-war activists known as the Burning Saviors were perhaps the greatest threat to the Fire Nation during the years they were active, as they were the only ones who could mobilize from within the homeland. They were also one of the largest Fire Nation anti-war organizations to ever exist. One of the leading members of this group was a woman named Ilah, who, throughout the majority of her life, was only known for being the wife of Fire Lord Azulon, as well as the mother of his two children. For nearly three quarters of a century, any information regarding the time before her tenure as Fire Lady has been unavailable. But now, at long last, her story will finally be told.


  • Ilah: A retired Fire Nation soldier and one of the leading members of the Burning Saviors. She is a moralistic, yet fierce woman whose peaceful morals conflict with her desire to bring down the Fire Nation government.
  • Kaji: A leading member of the Burning Saviors, and a headstrong political activist. He is a righteous man who vehemently opposes to the Fire Nation's tyrannical government.
  • Akra: A member of the Burning Saviors and a former member of the Fire Sages. He is a wise, elderly man who is disgusted with what the Sages have become.
  • Kyo: A member of the Burning Saviors. He is a wise-cracking, teenage firebender who is constantly optimistic.
  • Sola: A member of the Burning Saviors. She is a bitter, lonely woman with the ability to bend blue fire.
  • Kwai: A stern and shady woman who serves as the leader of the Burning Saviors.
  • Azulon: A vicious warmonger and the ruler of the Fire Nation.


  1. A Call to Arms
  2. Murky Waters
  3. Fire Fight
  4. The Battle of Ash Island
  5. The Right Side of History
  6. The Fire Lady


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