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My Name Is Ilah
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Agent Slash


Crimes of Passion

My Name Is Ilah is a short-series fanon by Agent Slash. All chapters are expected to be released between books one and two of Agent Slash's current fanon.


In the year 34 AG, a small group of Fire Nation rebels was sent on a mission to assassinate Fire Lord Azulon and bring an end to the Hundred Year War. The leader of this group was a woman named Ilah. The only thing anyone ever knew about her was that she was the wife of the Fire Lord, but after this story, you'll know far more about her than that.


  • Ilah: The leader of the group sent to assassinate the Fire Lord. She is a moralistic, yet fierce woman who is willing to kill anyone who opposes peace.
  • Kaji: A member of the group and a headstrong political activist. He is a righteous man who fights with dual broadswords.
  • Akra: A member of the group and a former member of the Fire Sages. He is a wise, elderly man who is disgusted with what the Sages have become.
  • Kyo: A member of the group. He is a wise-cracking, teenage firebender who is constantly optimistic.
  • Sola: A member of the group. She is a bitter, lonely woman with the ability to bend blue fire.
  • Azulon: A vicious warmonger and the ruler of the Fire Nation.




The thing that inspired me to write this fanon was the surprising lack of information known about Ilah. This wiki is the single greatest source of information for all things Avatar, yet whenever I tried to find out anything about her on here beyond the one short line that was spoken about her in the series, the only information I could find was that she was Azulon's wife. So I took it upon myself to fill in the blanks and tell her story. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.


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