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My Life at Full Moon Bay
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Chapter 2: My Life at Full Moon Bay

It's been five weeks since the Kyoshi Warriors and I left Kyoshi Island. I got inspired by Katara and Sokka accompanying Aang to help him take on Fire Lord Ozai. So, with the permission of Oyaji, the girls and I left home to Full Moon Bay and there, we have been escorting refugees to Ba Sing Se.

When we had arrived at Full Moon Bay, a lady asked us what we were doing here.

"My name is Suki. I am the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and I live on Kyoshi Island," I introduced myself to the lady.

"Well, what do you want?" the crabby lady asked.

"We would like to become security guards and help escort refugees to Ba Sing Se," I explained.

"Fine. But you are not to wear your ridiculous dresses and makeup. You are to tie your hair back, wear this uniform and go on the ferries to escort the refugees or escort them through the Serpent's Pass! Is that clear?" the lady snapped.

"Yes ma'am," I replied, rolling my eyes.

So now it is springtime and I have escorted over hundreds of refugees to Ba Sing Se. I hope someone who I know will come soon!

Author's Note

I wasn't sure if this is how Suki has spent some of her days at Full Moon Bay. But this is just a guess. :)

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