Author's Notes

I had this idea at the first mention of Legend of Korra being made live. However, I put it off because it was just ... horrid to write. The thought is; all the characters died, we know that. But how did it go? What happened when the Avatar died - how did Katara take it? Well; I wrote that out...

This is not tied to Eyes of Katara nor to Book Four: Energy. This is solely a one-shot meant to precede Legend of Korra. However, it did make use of a fanon character - Sakira. That was only a coincidence. As for the brother? Yeah; I purposefully left him ambiguous. What could it mean? -shrug- No idea; it's how the story unfolded to me as I wrote it. I didn't have any plans for it; it's just, what happened.

I am aware there could have been more characters added to the chapter. However, the extra addition of further characters could actually detract from the article's focus. That was part of the reason for this, the other part was it just didn't happen. (It's just part of how I write. ^^" Don't try to understand it. Hehe)

This story is focused upon Katara; however, I wish to include a video for once - a song that incorporates both Aang and Katara's feelings.

The Calling - Wherever You Will Go with Lyrics


The aged waterbender entered the room, slowly crossing the threshold to take her position at her husband's side. His body spoke of its age, yet still retained hints of youth that lit his face and weary eyes. Inevitably a handful of wrinkles had formed over the years, but they had only seemed to add to the warmth of his kindness.

She knelt beside the bed, taking his pale hand in hers, and slid the white sheets further over his chest to smooth out their wrinkles. Her deep blue eyes observed her husband, reflecting on how the two of them had been so different just years ago. They traveled the world, enjoyed a family with three beautiful children, saw two of their children fall into a love of their own, one getting married. Indeed; they were well known due to Aang being the Avatar, yet they had participated so greatly in life worldwide that she felt they would still have been known if this were not the case.

She was not the same as back then, either. Her dark brown hair had begun to fade, leaving streaks of dark silver to betray her younger years. Her slender hands had weakened, leading to their bones being more noticeable than they used to be. She, too, held her share of wrinkles.

He squeezed her hand, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his cracked lips. His mouth slowly opened, followed shortly by his fatigued, quiet tone. "Are they...?"

Her eyes closed momentarily, shaking her head dismally. It had been quite some time since the messenger hawks had been sent to carry their summons to the United Republic. "Just, hold on. I'm sure they're on their way."

His eyes closed, proof of his smile vanishing with them. With her free hand, she patted his chest and feigned a smile in his stead. "Katara; I'm sorry."

She inhaled sharply, biting back her sorrow as best she could. Lifting his hand, she laid her lips against its cool skin with a soft kiss. "I'll be alright. Don't worry about me."

His eyelids cracked open, his weary gray eyes peering out to the smiling, aged angel leaning over him. Nostalgia overwhelmed him, forcing the faint trace of water to his eyes. He had awoken into this world with her before his very eyes, and now, it appeared she would be present to usher him out of it as well. "I don't want to die; I don't want to leave you alone..."

She breathed softly, holding back her fears as she carried her smile dutifully. "I can't fix age." She stated with a weak laugh, hidden beneath her own breath. "I'll still have friends and family. I won't be alone."

But she would be; she would long for the love of her life. Tears raced down his cheeks as she laid her head against the back of his hand, brushing away his tears with her other hand's fingertips. He knew just how lonely she would feel, and there was nothing he could do about it. For the moment, he hated himself greatly for hurting her so as he lay helpless in his Water Tribe bed.

"Ssh." She issued softly to calm his quiet cries. "Don't regret the love we've shared." She rose, slipping beneath his arm to settle it atop her lap. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she inched closer to press her hip against his side, drawing her arm back to rest over a simple white T-shirt covering his chest.

Family. She felt a tinge of regret of her own. Every time they had been in need, and when Tenzin's wife, Pema, had suffered a miscarriage, they had dropped everything to get to them as swiftly as possible. Why were they not here?

It had been years since they had seen one another. They had written, yes, but there had been no visits and Aang had become too weak to withstand the journey from the Southern Water Tribe to Republic City. Perhaps they had moved and the messenger hawks did not reach them. She glanced away, down to the wooden floor, wishing against her fears that she was wrong in this thought and their children would enter the doorway at any moment.

"Will you marry me?" He meekly questioned.

"Huh?" She turned to face him in startled shock. "But, Aang..." Was his mind slipping with his last breath?

"Those were the smartest words I ever said." He added calmly, closing his eyes. He had gone and done it again; tears filled her eyes as a pained smile overcame her.

"And there is nothing; nothing, like seeing your children be born into this world." He exhaled, just barely lifting his eyelids to lay his attention upon her. "Please don't be mad at them. They're not going to make it in time..."

She nearly broke into tears, but restrained herself to utter in soft protest. "Don't say that. There's still time..."

"No." He attempted to shake his head, but only managed to budge it side to side. "It's all I can do to talk. I...I'm so sorry Katara."

He gave a soft squeeze of her hand as her tears flowed freely; cupping both her hands about his to hold it close to her chest. Her lips parted, but nothing came out. She had nearly told him to not speak as it was taking so much of his energy, but why?

What would be better; not talking to live another five, ten or thirty minutes, or saying everything he wanted to in his dying moments? Her vision blurred as water stained her eyes, squeezing his hand tighter than she intended to.

This was really happening.

As much as she yearned that it wasn't, it was almost time to say goodbye.

"I don't regret loving you, I regret leaving you." He continued, attempting to raise his other arm to caress her cheek, but it would barely lift, so far gone that she didn't even notice his effort. His heart ached, desiring to do more than his body would allow.

"I would give anything, to stay and see you smile." Again tears raced down his cheeks, this time in an unending stream. "You are my life; my everything. I don't want to be the one causing you pain."

"Aang, it's not your fault." She bit her lip, shaking her head in fervent protest. "I've lost Mom, Dad, Gran Gran, Pakku... we've lost Momo and Appa. We nearly lost Sokka last year..." She lowered his hand to her lap, brushing away some of her tears before reaching her other hand to his cheek. "It was only a matter of time before this happened. I've lost a lot; but I will never lose the love I have for you, or the memories we've made."

"I love you Katara." He gave a faint squeeze of her hand, his gray eyes focusing on her sapphire depths.

Her throat swelled, closing her eyes and tipping her head forward. A somber frown overcame her, swallowing back a sea of tears as she returned his soft squeeze. "I love you too."

Time crawled on slowly, so very slowly; what felt like thirty minutes had only been five. Aang had ceased speaking, each of his breaths shallow and weak. Holding his hand desperately, they shared their longing for one another through their eyes since words now failed him.

He squeezed her hand again, a sign of the life she endeared still beating on. She inhaled, caressing his chest, feeling utterly helpless. Was goodbye really necessary? She didn't want to say it. Not now, not yet; but if not now then when? Her grip on his hand trembled, knowing full well it could be any moment.

His eyes lowered to his hand, in hers, staring at it plainly before returning again to stare into her soul. She saw a tinge of fear behind his gray pools, yet also compassion, despite his expressionless face.

A sharp terror struck through her like an ice spike. It was happening; she could see it in his eyes. "Aang?" She squeezed his hand, then released, her sapphire eyes imploring her desire that he show her the same sign.


"Aang?" She shook like a leaf as her stomach churned mightily. The spark of life had left his eyes, even though they remained on her. "Oh Aang, no...please no..."

She leaned forward, lifting her free hand to place her palm against his cool, clammy cheek. His gaze didn't move. Her breathing intensified as she slid her hand over his eyes, but they remained the same; empty, expressionless. Life had left him.

She jolted back as a sudden pain raced through her, lifting both her hands to cover her mouth and cut off a heavy cry.


That was all she received, this was all she heard. His smile, his laugh, his love; all were gone from her forever. Many seconds passed in rising grief, her body rigid with shock. She had said she was ready, knowing this would come.

But she had been wrong.

"Aang!" She cried out, throwing herself over him and wrapping her arms around his side. "Why, why?" She pleaded to the spirits. "Why did you have to take him? Why him, too?" She buried her head into the crook of his neck, her tears cascading onto her lost lover.

"Goodbye...Aang..." She whispered through her tears, barely able to breathe as she choked on her own cries.

The following day, come evening, Katara sat alone upon a bench on their front porch quietly. She hadn't eaten since Aang's passing, and had accomplished just as much. However, for the time being she had ceased her tears and replaced them with a somber, silent melancholy. She didn't even lift her eyes as a lady with smooth, light brown hair raced down the walkway to her porch.

"Mom!" The lady shouted, leaping up the steps as she huffed cold breaths of air. "I'm sorry, I- phew! Gosh. I'm here now, I made it..." She muttered rapidly, leaning over to brace her palms off the front of her legs.

Katara's eyelids only lowered, her sapphire depths running away from her daughter to gaze off of the porch.

"They seriously need to make faster ships. Heh." She continued, standing upright to finish a final wheeze. "Anyway, where's dad? Can I go see him now?"

She only closed her eyes.

"Mom?" She stepped closer, lifting her eyelids as she knelt beside her mother.

"He's gone, Sakira."

A gasp. Sakira threw her gloved hands over her mouth as her blue eyes danced with sorrow. "I...I..."

Her eyes still closed, Katara turned her head slowly away from her, her lips quivering at the pain still fresh in her mind.

"I tried; I swear I tried to be here. I got on the next ship coming as soon as I got the message." She inched forward on her knees, leaning over Katara's lap to bury her face into her mother's stomach. "Mom, I'm so sorry! didn't get to say goodbye..."

Katara threw her head back, the pain returning as her eyes scanned the uncaring blue of the skies above. With a mind of their own, her arms slipped forward and wrapped around her daughter's long, smooth hair and her shoulders, drawing her closer against her as tears reformed in her eyes.

Mother and daughter hadn't spoken further, simply supporting one another with their silent presence. Now with Sakira home, Katara had finally made her way back indoors to prepare dinner, leaving her to reflect on the porch.

Everywhere she turned, Aang's presence loomed just out of sight, a constant memory, ever present. His scent still permeated the air, lingering in every fabric of their home. It was a wholesome, clean fragrance that had a knack for soothing her nerves, but not now. Their couch near the hallway held a simple yellow mat for his side, waiting for the Air Nomad who would never warm it again.

She stared idly into their, no- her, icebox, gazing at ingredients for making fruit pies that had been waiting for Aang's handiwork for well on weeks. The ingredients themselves were still good, but she never could make those pies as well as Aang. She closed the box.

Her will died again, failing to make dinner as she simply collapsed into a nearby wooden chair at their, her, table. She swore she would never get used to things being solely hers now. Hunching over the table, she buried her face into her open palms and allowed her hair to cascade to its wooden surface, trying but failing to shake off her grief.

"Mother?" A deep, man's voice called through the chill of the room. She didn't turn to face him, opening her eyes to gaze at the table from between her hands. "Sakira told me everything...I'm sorry I didn't make it in time."

Her eyebrows crossed, a sense of wounded bitterness overcoming her momentarily. But Aang wouldn't want this; he wanted her to forgive them for not being there. She exhaled slowly in attempt to calm herself, but it failed. I'm sorry Aang. She dropped her hands to the table and turned her accusing stare to her son, Tenzin. "Where were you?"

The man rubbed the side of his bald head, blinking at her helplessly. "I meant to be here, but, well...I just couldn't make it. Things in Republic City got hectic and I just couldn't leave when I intended to. I didn't want Pema to come. She didn't need to be here for this."

"Are things really that important?" She questioned coldly.

He hesitated, biting at the brown facial hair lingering beside his lips. "I uh...I'm on the council, I can't just up and leave matters that concern the safety of the entire city. Do you know how bad that would look on me? Especially as the son of the Avatar...the Republic needs me for those difficult decisions, I can't just abandon them."

She snorted in anger, shaking in rising anguish that blinded her thoughts. "Aang helped found that city! He made tough choices for it many times and it needed him too. But guess what-" She thrust her chair back, leaping upright and slamming her palm to the table. "He's dead! And that precious city will live on without him!" Having finished a strong shout, she lowered her tone in attempt to recollect herself. "And you're no different Tenzin. The city doesn't need you as much as you think. Even without you it will carry on."

Tenzin cupped his hands together before his waist, softening his eyes to gaze at his mother mournfully. She, however, removed her wrath from him and sighed, placing a hand on her chair to slide it back into place before lowering into it, addressing him more softly. "Aang never got to see you because you put the Republic ahead of him. If Sakira were an airbender like you; she would have been here, since she could then fly."

"Forgive me." He meekly stated, tears running down his cheeks to disappear into his pointed, brown beard. "I try to balance so much in life; and it is quite clear that I fail. I cannot fathom what Pema sees in me, as I let even her down continually. Please, Mother, forgive me."

Her heart still ached, nearly blinding her thoughts as her head throbbed. However, having finished releasing some of her stress, her nerves were still a wreck but she no longer felt the need to berate her son. Her eyes fell to the table, dropping her arms on its surface in deep thought. "Where is your brother." She stated more as a demand than a question.

"I am uncertain." He replied as the front door swung open, Sakira entering into the home. "I have not heard from him for years, ever since our last reunion here. I attempted to discreetly send a message to his last known location when I received word of this, but he seems to no longer live there."

Sakira cleared her throat, dipping her head as she passed Tenzin to join her mother at the table. "You mean our brother? I don't know where he is either. He left his home about a year ago I think, and I haven't been able to find him since."

Katara loosed a heavy breath, laden with stress. She didn't know whether to be angry at him, or scared for him, in the end deciding to address this later. Sakira drew back a chair and sat, though Tenzin remained a respectful distance from his grieving mother, awaiting her approval before daring enter any further. She bit back her pain, a well of heartbroken sorrow that implored her to throw everyone out, and softened her words. "It can't be helped. You're here now, so, let's remain a family. Come."

He bowed his head, closing his misty eyes in reverence. He inhaled slowly, making his way to join his sister and mother at the table where they held a calmer, reflective discussion of times long past, as well as catching up on more recent matters.

The days dragged on, each one slower than the one before and harder to endure. Tenzin and Sakira hadn't left her alone, helping to clean the home and organize their belongings, packing or removing items of Aang's that were no longer needed. Their presence helped keep her sane, and kept her from breaking down many a time, as sifting through their belongings had a terrible way of digging up old memories. Sometimes they laughed, sometimes they cried, sometimes she simply withheld her thoughts, but she was grateful to not be alone.

The nights, however, were the absolute hardest for her. She refused to sleep in the room where Aang had passed away, as it was far beyond her mind to relax or even allow herself to consider sleep on the same bed. Rather, Tenzin had taken the couch and allowed her to sleep in his old room. Even so, she had very little sleep since the day Aang had died, constantly finding herself lying awake staring at the ceiling as her mind wandered, reliving memories, or even daydreaming the impossible.

Tomorrow was the day of his funeral, and so this night was no better than any other. She pondered for a moment of the days that would follow; when Tenzin and Sakira returned to their homes in Republic City. She would be alone in this home, so very alone. She sighed; knowing that she would have to wander out and spend time with others in the tribe just to keep her mind clear, as staying in this empty house would break her.

This house no longer felt like home. "Home is where the heart is." She murmured the adage Aang had believed in. She adored that saying and emphatically agreed with it. However, she had never looked at it from this angle until now: her heart was with Aang, but he had passed away. So, where in this world could she ever call home again?

Should she follow her children and move to Republic City? She shook her head. She didn't want to leave the Southern Water Tribe behind and felt she wouldn't fit in there anyway. Besides, Sokka would hopefully return within the next month, recovering from an illness at Kyoshi Island that prevented him from travel. Seconds of thought grew to minutes, minutes to hours, and she found herself wondering by morning if she had slept at all.

She dressed herself in her finest blue gown, a lighter teal pattern wound up its sides to conjoin at the base of her neck. Even in her old age, she admired how this dress looked on her. Aang had also found it attractive, having admitted that it was his favorite. She reminisced the last time she wore it; what was it, three years ago? It was at a ball held at the Earth Kingdom's capital.

Even in his old age, Aang had always remained active and ensured he took the time to do whatever he felt they would enjoy. Her expression relaxed, idly clipping her hair loopies into place beneath a brilliant emerald-blue sea-jasper flower in full blossom.

Observing her reflection in the mirror, she could see the age on her face. Her hair also spoke of this, yet she still found herself to be quite beautiful. "Hm." She turned for the door, wishing Aang could see her and admire her beauty once again.

Sitting amidst the crowd of fellow tribe members, the ceremony was mostly the same as any other. They spoke of formalities, mentioning the individual's name and family, taking time to note his accomplishments – both of which were daunting, these two tasks took awhile to complete. This actually placed a smile on her lips, donning a distant gaze as she reflected just how true it was that the two of them shared such a complete life together. No amount of life would ever have been enough for her to willingly let go of.

"Would Avatar Aang's family please join us at the front?" The host posed, swaying his arm to his side in gesture.

This was it. They were going to bring in Aang's body, and after individuals had their chances to speak, he would be laid to rest. She pondered on this a moment, though just as her mind was about to run away with her something rapped her shoulder. "Mom, come on, get up." Sakira whispered.

She brushed back her hair nervously with her fingers, her legs stiff like trees as she rose from her seat to follow after her daughter and son. Once on stage, she took position between her two children and turned back for the crowd. Numerous sympathetic eyes were on her, something that made her feel terribly out of place. She didn't want this.

The double doors in the back of the domed meeting room swung open. A group of four southern waterbenders emerged, holding an ice block between them by their bending. All eyes centered upon the Avatar frozen within the ice, fully dressed in his most regal Air Nomad attire. This sight alone forced tears to her eyes.

The procession reached the stage, where they raised a shelf of solid ice and lowered him to rest upon it. She was uneasy, shuffling side to side with her eyes on her husband's expressionless face. Sakira took her hand gently, as Katara drew steady breaths to cease her motion.

The four benders lifted their arms and, in a single, fluid movement, swept the ice down to his body, removing this barrier. After stepping off stage, the ceremony resumed with many tribal members taking the opportunity to make their rounds, saying their farewells to the deceased, as well as some offering words of condolence to the family. It lasted much longer than she would have liked.

Finally, Tenzin approached his father, stopping by his side to gaze upon the man to whom he owed everything. He lifted his fingers to his own chest, tipping his head forward in honor, before beginning. "I will forever regret my choices that kept me away from you; they cannot be undone and shall haunt me. You have been the perfect father, and I the dutiful son, but I feel I still have much to learn before I could ever hope to be such a man as you were. I promise to you I will dedicate myself to learn from your actions, your kindness, your forgiveness, and your parenting. May it be that I learn by example and put first that which truly matters. Farewell, Father."

He laid a pendant upon the ice beside his father's shoulder, an emblem that reflected his very own position of respect within the United Republic. He didn't mind that it would be an extremely tiresome process to have it replaced, it was worth it. He exhaled in absolution, approaching his mother.

She smiled, tears in her eyes, to her son as he placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered kindly to her. "I shall do all I can to honor my promise and be in your life more. You have my love." She shut her eyes as a single tear raced down each cheek. Of all their children, he had always been the one most similar to Aang and she adored his loving, humble personality.

Her little girl crossed the stage as Tenzin left, assuming her position beside Aang. She hung her head and said nothing for a moment, crying quietly. "Dad." She softly began. "I had a surprise I was hoping to tell you, but well, I guess it's too late." She rested her hands on the edge of the ice, tearfully observing his quiet features as she continued. "Now that I've graduated, I'm finally getting married. I even convinced him to move to the Southern Water Tribe..." She muttered as she bit her lip, holding back a hard cry as her hands crept to rest on his arm. "I wanted to tell you. But, then I got this, I never got the chance." She squeezed his arm as tears streamed freely. This was so sudden; she didn't have anything to dedicate to be frozen with him. "My gift to you is that I will still move here. I promise I will take care of Mom. She won't be alone." She hesitated, her voice climbing to a high pitch as she whispered through pain. "I love you Dad."

Katara, having heard this, nearly crumbled where she stood. As Sakira approached her she could only shake her head in reply. The next moment took her by surprise as her daughter leapt forward and threw her arms around her, pushing her back a step as they engaged in a tight embrace. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I wanted to surprise both of you so much...I have so missed you!"

She closed her eyes, leaning her head against her daughter's as the two fell silent for a moment. "We're both proud of you Sakira." She finally whispered as her daughter broke away, giving her a weary smile before leaving the stage.

Her heart froze, her very feet stuck to the floor. Her gaze drifted across the empty stage slowly, settling on the ice centerpiece Aang's body lay on; it was her turn. She closed her eyes and released a dreaded breath, allowing her feet to carry her forward.

Reaching her husband's side; she continued a slow step further before setting both her hands' fingertips on the edge of the ice podium, gliding them across its cold surface. "How long has it been, Aang? Fifty four years? It feels like forever, but that's just not long enough." She reached out, resting her palms gently on his cold arm. She could almost hear his gentle laugh in agreement, pressing her face into a tight, tearful smile.

She gazed longingly upon his face, but there was no comfort there. She turned her eyes away, following his arm to where his hands met over his stomach. She didn't know what to say, nothing felt right; no amount of words would satisfy her.

Shutting her eyes, her expression bent as she decided that is what she would say. "I will miss you more than anything. I...I..."

Nearly convulsing, she quickly stopped herself and closed her eyes, drawing ragged breaths to regain control. She continued, opening her misty eyes. "Even with you gone, you have left me so much of you to remember. I'll never be completely alone."

She squeezed his cold arm, wanting so terribly to just be with him, wherever he now was. "I know you can't take this with you. But I want to give you a piece of me to keep, and this is the only way I know how..." She slipped her hand into the fold of her dress, pulling out a slim, turquoise box.

"You'll be in my heart, always." She slipped the box beneath his clasped hands, passing the ceremonial necklace her father had worn to remain with him. She inhaled steadily, keeping her composure as she stood upright to lift her gaze to the awaiting four waterbenders beside the stage.

This didn't sit well with her though. She didn't want Aang to leave like this; she wanted to be a part of everything. "May I?" The host beside the four gave a slow, courteous nod to allow her the honor.

She trembled, bringing her hand up to seize her arm, unable to help but cry as she looked upon his face. "When I first met you, you had waited for me so long, frozen in the ice. And now, now..." She shut her eyes and choked off three hard sobs, barely able to look upon him. "I never dreamed I would be putting you back! I love you, Aang..."

She lifted her arms, barely able to see what she was doing through her tears. Water rose with her steadily, encircling the love of her life as she felt the burn of her bending climb from her legs and into her arms, settling into her wrists most painfully.

She motioned forward toward her husband, rigidly focusing her fingers toward him as a sharp pain shot into her fingertips, solidifying the water for the last time around the man she cherished.

All was quiet.

She hurt so greatly her gut to her throat crawled with agony, her legs weak and shaking. Soft footsteps sounded quickly as Sakira raced to her side, throwing herself around her mom as the two embraced. The procession continued, returning to their positions to lift Aang's ice coffin to the air.

The ceremony had carried on, ending in placing Aang deep below the icy tundra beneath a snowy mound to serve as his tomb. She had waited to return here later in the evening, alone. The door of ice collapsed to gentle water as she re-entered the luminescent blue of the snowy mound.

She descended a winding staircase of glistening ice that spiraled along the small dome's perimeter, gliding her hand quietly along the banister of crystalline blue beside her. Upon finishing the long descent, she turned for the center of the room – a vast distance below the ceiling above. For some reason, the chill and stillness in the air here comforted her, each breath being a gentle puff of pure white.

The center of the room held a tiered, circular set of floors, the center of which held a recessed rectangle with ice as clear as glass surrounding it. She ascended each step with care, making her approach to the room's center.

Once there, she laid both her cold palms against the ice barrier of the decorative surface covering this masterpiece. There were inscriptions beyond the other side carved elegantly into the floor directly in front of the clear ice that held Aang's body, cut into the floor itself.

Here Lies Avatar Aang

May he Rest in Peace – Never Forgotten

Beloved Husband

Endeared Father

Savior of Us All

Just beyond this inscription, Aang's frozen body was visible below the ice. She leaned closer, pressing against the cold barrier separating them to gaze mournfully, yet proudly, at the other half of her life. That was him. That was the man she devoted herself to. That was the man who had been there for her, her whole life, loving her through it all.

She knew he was no longer there. What she was looking at was the body he had left behind, preserved within the ice. Her eyes closed momentarily, fresh tears beginning their trek down her face. Like the Avatars before him, he was now in the Spirit World, awaiting his turn to provide his knowledge and guidance for the greater good of the world once again, in aid of the next Avatar. "Savior of us all." She repeated with a soft cry.

"I will always love you Aang, always." She lowered her hands, gliding her fingers against the cold ice separating them. "I just wish I knew where I will go after I die. Will we meet again?" Her voice begged for an answer that she would not receive. "Or have the spirits separated us forever?"

She closed her eyes, taking a moment to draw a deep breath in recollection of the life before her, still beating on, yet out of her reach. "We will meet again." She continued, providing her own answer. "We cheated death to stay together once. Even if the spirits tell me I will never see you again, I will fight them. I will find a way. Nothing will keep me from you. Nothing."

She stood back, dropping her arms to her side as she lifted her graying eyebrows in longing. "But I still have years left for me here in this life, before I can begin my search for you. So please, Aang, be patient. I will come."

And with that, she stepped down the circular dais, down the smooth steps, and began her return to the life she had yet to finish. Climbing the long, winding stairway of ice, she gazed over the icy handrail to her lover below, this time with a smile of promise.

"I will come."

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