My Lady
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Count Kibbles N Bits

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August 12, 2015

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She watches him as he cowers beneath the rock, crying on the broken twigs and crushed leaves.

She watches her silver gaze saluting him, the rock, and the trees. The darkness bowed to her and echoed his tears.

The child's feet and hands were bandaged, his shirt ripped and ragged, pants caked with muck. He huddled there, trying to stifle his sobbing.

They would hear.

They would smell.

They will hear.

They will smell.

They will find me.

They will kill me.

"What's your name?"

Light, a voice?

"What's your name?"

The child looked up, a woman with hair like snow, dressed in silver and white, appeared before him, a silver glow cast over her. The tears still stung his eye's red and warmed his cheeks, he rubbed them, blinked. She was still there.

"Are you alone? Are you lost, little one?"

Hands spread, she welcomed him with a mother's smile. The boy took a step back, eyes wide, hand grasping a knife on his back.

"It's alright.."

She wrapped her arms around the child's frame, clenching him firmly, her cheek rubbing against his matted dirty hair.

The boy's eyes lit with surprise and confusion, then those jade beads began to leak. His hand fell from the knife, and he embraced her and began to weep. His body shook with every sob, uncontrollable and fierce.

She cradled him, rocking back and forth, slowly rubbing his back with her hand as he buried his face into her shoulder.

The boy cried and cried, the sensation of a loving hug foreign to him but somehow soothing. She was warm, her skin soft, he did not want to let go, even after his tears had dried and her grasp began to loosen.

He clenched tighter.


"I'm sorry, but I must go."

She took his face in her hands and wiped away what remained of the tears, she smiled.

"You must go too, little one."

"B-but I can't—"

His sentence was interrupted by a warm kiss on the cheek, she smiled again.

"You can, just let my light guide you."

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