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My First Journal! (Fire Lady)
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The Journal of a Fire Lady


My First Journal!

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May 8th, 125 AG

It's my seventh birthday and mommy and daddy gave me my first journal! I'm gonna write about everything in here, and it'll be awesome! Anyways, for my birthday we got to have cake and visit Daddy's friends, the Avatar and his wife, Toph the police girl, and Sokka the council guy along with Aang's kids.

All of Daddy's friends are funny, and Sokka jokes around a lot even if he isn't a kid like me. Everyone calls him the complaining and sarcasm guy, then he says he's the boomeraang guy. I laughed at that, and sometimes Mommy even smiled! She barely ever does that, except when she's around daddy.

Toph called Aang Twinkletoes, and it was funny. Everyone laughed at her little joke, even though I didn't get it. Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya laughed at it too. Then all four of us played in the other room while the adults talked about boring stuff.

Soon our visit was over, and I wanted to visit Aunt Azula, even if she was crazy. She hated Daddy and Mommy, but she liked me. Auntie always said how her and daddy's mommy preferred daddy over her, and I asked her, "Who did your daddy like better?"

Auntie didn't answer for a minute, then she answered. "Me."

"Then it's fair." I told her. Then the visit was over, and me, Mommy, and Daddy all went home to the palace where I had my awesome birthday party.

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