My Days on Ember Island
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Chapter 6: My Days on Ember Island

It all started on a peaceful morning. We were all sleeping in and everything was at bliss. Until, we heard a giant explosion. We woke up and saw bombs flying towards the temple! Then, all of a sudden, a fleet of Fire Nation airships appeared.

"Go ahead! I'll hold them off! I think this is a family visit," Zuko instructed. We ran to a wall. Toph and Haru Earthbended a hole in the wall for us to escape. However, Appa would not go through because he hated tunnels. We had to split up and I went with Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Zuko. We managed to catch Zuko while he was falling. We turned back to see Azula. As she fell, she propelled herself to the side of the cliff. We stared at her and she gave us an evil smile as she watched us fly away.

That night, we arrived on a safe place to camp. We were around the fire eating dinner.

"Wow, camping... it really feels like old times again, doesn't it?" Aang commented.

"If you really want it to feel like old times again, I could, uh... chase you around a while and try to capture you," Zuko said jokingly. Aang, Sokka, Toph and I all laughed. It was pretty funny for the normally bitter Zuko.

"To Zuko. Who knew after all those times he tried to snuff us out, today, he'd be our hero!" Sokka said, holding up his cup.

"Hear, hear!" I said along with Toph, Aang and Sokka.

"I'm touched. I don't deserve this," Zuko said.

"Yeah, no kidding," Katara suddenly said in an angry tone and walked off. What's up with Katara?

"What's with her?" Sokka asked.

"I wish I knew," Zuko said and followed Katara.

"What's with him?" Sokka asked.

Later that evening, I was walking over to Sokka's tent for a romantic evening when I bumped into Zuko who was also going to Sokka's tent.

"Whoops. Wrong tent," I said embarrassed.

"Sorry. Do you need to talk to Sokka too?" Zuko asked.

"Nope, not me!" I said and walked off. I wonder what Zuko might be like when he sees that Sokka's tent is decorated with roses and candles for our romantic date. In a few minutes, Zuko walked out. I heard a voice then.

"Suki!" Sokka whispered. Then he turned and saw that Zuko was staring at him. Sokka whistled innocently and I smacked my head.

The next day, I had gone into Ember Island to buy some Fire Nation clothes. I found a pretty red top with a red necklace that went well with it. I also found some red shoes and a belt and an overskirt. I then bought some red accessories that were the perfect combo. When I got back, I noticed that there was a tension between the group.

"What's up?" I asked.

"This time, it's Katara's turn to take a little field trip with Zuko. They are going to find the man who killed our mother," Sokka explained. I looked a bit nervous.

Zuko and Katara returned two days later. I found Katara down at the docks that evening just dipping her feet in the water.

"Katara? Are you okay?" Aang asked.

"I'm fine," Katara replied.

"Zuko told what you did. Or what you didn't do. I'm proud of you," Aang said.

"I wanted to do it. I wanted to take out all my anger on him, but I couldn't. I don't know if it's because I'm too weak to do it or if I'm strong enough not to," Katara explained.

"You did the right thing. Forgiveness is the first step you have to take to begin healing," Aang said.

Katara rose from the boardwalk. "But I didn't forgive him. I'll never forgive him," Katara said. then she turned to Zuko and gave him a warm, friendly, forgiving smile. "But I am ready to forgive you," she said. Katara walked up to Zuko and gave him a hug. As she walked to me, I smiled, proud that she has let go of her grudge.

Author's Note

I'm guessing that Suki bought her Fire Nation clothes from Ember Island.

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