By SuperFlash101 Part of the Avatar: Better World continuity.
Murder of Methius
General information

Outside Ba Sing Se


100 AG


Unknown people from the Fire Nation murder an Earth Kingdom man named Methius in the waters outside Ba Sing Se.

The Murder of Methius, a man from the Earth Kingdom who was a highly rated member of the Ba Sing Se Construction Committee, occurred in the late Summer of 100 AG. While sailing across a body of water outside of Ba Sing Se, Methius was attacked suddenly by a Fire Nation ship, who fired flaming ballista at him, destroying his boat. Finally won shot and succeeded in killing him. A man from the ship came down and sent him down the bay until he reached the shores of the city.

Methius's death left a huge impact on the rural citizens of the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se, along with his wife and child. A political meeting on the murder between several nations' delegates was orchestrated soon after his body washed on shore. Avatar Aang became upset with himself about being unable to stop the murder and felt even worse when Lee, a friend of Methius, drunkenly blamed him for the murder.




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