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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Earth Kingdom, Avatar Rong Yan, Monk Yong Ten, Jia Mei


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Book 1: Water Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi

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Book 1: Water Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi

Muqin is the mother of Jia Mei. She is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Muqin meets Avatar Rong Yan, and Monk Yong Ten in the town she lives in called Liaoning Village.


A poor widowed woman, that lives in the village of Liaoning, in the western Earth Kingdom. Avatar Rong Yan and Monk Yong Ten, encounter her after the herbalist woman from the village had said that there was an urban legend named the Kira-Bi.

Asking her about information she mentions that her daughter was a disrespectful teenage girl, and that she wished that the Kira-Bi would take her. She regrets her daughter's disappearance, and asks for Rong Yan and Yong Ten's help in find her daughter.

Reuniting with her Daughter

When Rong Yan and Yong Ten, defeat the Kira-Bi, they soon discover that the Kira-Bi was just Muqin's daughter in a costume. Instead of sending her to the guards they return her to her mother.

She vowed to never do anything bad ever again, and that she will be more kind, and respectful to her mother. Muqin apologizes to Jia Mei, and they happily reunite with each other.


Muqin was born a non-bender, and there is no known abilities or arts of fighting styles she possesses. But like all other mothers, if someone where to mess with her young, she would probably beat them to death.


  • Jia Mei (Daughter)
  • Unknown Husband (Husband; Deceased)



  • Muqin is Chinese for "mother".
  • Liaoning is a town or city in China.

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