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Kuan, Kuro, Shenji, Luo, Gahn, Earth Kingdom, Jang Hui, Painted Lady, Katara

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Fugitive Part 2

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Daniel Riordan

General Mung is a Firebending master. He is a heartless man who believes that military needs always outweigh civilian needs. He holds great contempt for the villagers of Jang Hui and often orders his soldiers to take their food and medicine, calling it a "patriotic donation."

He takes great pride in being part of the Fire Nation "war machine" and one day hopes to serve on the front lines in the Earth Kingdom again.

General Mung has a very large scar that extends from one side of his face to the other; and it goes right through the bridge of his nose. This scar, given to him by Kuan, shows that the Fire Nation uses metal staples to help their soldiers heal.


Mung was born into a Fire Nation middle-class family, the oldest of two sons, where his parents soon enrolled him into a military academy. Mung, having a false sense of superiority, used other students to achieve high marks. Coupled with his violent tendencies, this put him on the path to a military commission. When he finally graduated, he had learned little about actual strategy and tactics, but was skilled in manipulation.Mung was soon assigned to lead a group of soldiers in the Earth Kingdom. Due to his inexperience, he used the prodigious soldiers he was instructed to command to make proper military decisions. By using his underling's experience for his benefit, Mung gained a reputation as popular with his men. His stolen ideas, much like during school, gave him many promotions, culminating in his promotion to General.

Time as General

Mung was first stationed in the northwestern Earth Kingdom, in charge of a large number of soldiers. Knowing that he was not capable of managing such a large number of soldiers on his own, Mung delegated massive amounts of authority, In effect, this left him in command of few soldiers, yet all officers had to report to him. Having little knowledge of military affairs, Mung allowed the officers to largely do as they pleased. Mung did, however, have a stronghold in the Earth Kingdom, where he kept and executed Earth Kingdom soldiers to improve morale among his soldiers.

At some point, Mung procured the services of a Waterbending assassin in order to kill an Earth Kingdom officer. When Kuan returned for payment, Mung simply gave him another assignment. After Kuan refused, Mung ordered an attack on him, eventually planning to turn him into the Fire Nation prison system.

While General, Mung captured a group of soldiers including Gahn, imprisoning them within his base. As the years passed, he executed them systematically until only Gahn remained. While he was killing the soldiers, Kuan, a Waterbender, was also brought under his control. After being advised that Waterbenders were to be shipped to containment facilities, Mung sent off a message in order to have him removed. While he waited on the ship, a soldier names Shenji was also brought into the prison.

Later in the day, Mung was walking through his camp when he encountered guards escorting prisoners out of their prison cells. The lead soldier briefly offended the General before he noticed the specific prisoners behind the leader. The prisoner in question, Kuan, sprung into action, subduing Mung while reminding him of his past betrayal.

After the escape of his prisoners, Mung was wounded to an extent that he needed to be returned to the Fire Nation for medical treatment. Prior to his departure, however, Mung gave a final address to his troops in which he reminds them to seek revenge on the Benders who escaped. An expedition is formed to locate and kill the prisoners who escaped. After his speech, he was returned to the Fire Nation to recover. After making a full recovery, he was appointed as he leader of a new arms factory near the village of Jang Hui.

End of his career

General Mung operated the factory that was polluting the water of the Jang Hui village. When Katara and Aang destroyed the factory, he blamed the villagers and also accused them of stealing medicine and food supplies. Katara had committed these crimes, disguised as the Painted Lady, in her efforts to help the villagers. He and the factory workers then started destroying the village, but they were confronted by Katara in her Painted Lady disguise (with bending help from Aang, who was hiding under the docks, and sound effects provided by Toph, Sokka, and Appa). The factory workers were scared off, and the village was saved.


Mung is a cruel man, having no compassion for either his enemies or underlings. He believes that in order to get himself ahead in life, he must conquer and subdue all in his way, no matter who they are.


Mung is a competent Firebender, although his talent has diminished as his administrative duties have piled up. Nevertheless, he is more than capable of defeating Earth Kingdom soldiers in battle, although he lacks opportunity to display his talents. Mung favors slower, denser strikes than most other Firebenders around him. These strikes can prove fatal if they hit their mark, but Mung's size makes his attacks foreseeable.

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