By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
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"You're not as weak as I expected. Too bad this girl is!"
— Mung threatening to kill a young girl in order to capture Mina
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Fire Nation


58 AG

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Gray (formerly black)

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Fire Nation Military

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Destination: Fire Nation

General Mung is a Firebending master. He is a heartless man who believes that military needs always outweigh civilian needs. He holds great contempt for the villagers of Jang Hui and often orders his soldiers to take their food and medicine, calling it a "patriotic donation." He took great pride in being part of the Fire Nation "war machine" and once hoped to serve on the front lines in the Earth Kingdom, though he never did.

General Mung has a very large scar that extends from one side of his face to the other; and it goes right through the bridge of his nose. It is unknown who or what gave him the scar, or how he got it.


Meeting Katara

General Mung operated the factory that was polluting the water of the Jang Hui village. When Katara and Aang destroy the factory, he blames the villagers and also accuses them of stealing medicine and food supplies. Katara had committed these crimes, disguised at the Painted Lady, in her efforts to help the villagers. He and the factory workers then start destroying the village, but they are confronted by Katara in her Painted Lady disguise (with bending help from Aang, who was hiding under the docks, and sound effects provided by Toph, Sokka, and Appa). The factory workers are scared off, and the village is saved.

Meeting Mina

Thirty years later, a man named Gian told Mung a young girl named Mina was talking negatively about him and the Fire Nation. Mung decided to capture the girl, and he and his men pursued her through the Jang Hu River on jet skis. Mina was able to escape most of his attacks, including a net he deployed at her from his jet ski. Mung was eventually able to catch Mina by holding a young girl hostage, saying that he would kill her unless Mina surrendered. Mina did just that, and Mung was able to capture her, and ordered his men take her to a Detention Facility for rebellious children, and he never saw Mina again.

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