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Mu Lieren

The Mu Lieren (木猎 人) is a group of elite hunters traveling the Earth Kingdom. It is made entirely up of Woodbenders and currently has about 13 members. Originally, many years ago, only men were allowed to join the Mu Lieren, but with the passing of a new law by current Lead Huntress Biyu females are permitted to become members. The group was originally started in Shen Wuzi for men interested in weaponry and later expanded into what it is today.


The Mu Lieren have several different abilities.


The Mu Lieren was actually the first group of Earthbenders to develop the art of Woodbending, and centuries later the practice has been refined and touched up on, making it a more sophisticated sub-style of Earthbending and unique in the sense that the Mu Lieren are the only known practitioneers of it.


Most of the Mu Lieren are very skilled archers, although it is not the primary source of weapons within the group.


Member Peizhi Liu, after having been taught herself the art of Metalbending by original practioneer Toph Bei Fong, went on to teach the other members of the Mu Lieren Metalbending.

Seismic Sense

Member Peizhi Liu, before she could teach anyone the art of Metalbending, also had to teach the group seismic sense, the only way to sense the impurities within the metal in order to bend it.

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