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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Earth Kingdom



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Dark Brown

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Sunhuai, fanzui de laoban of the Yapo, Qingbai, Earth King Qiang Zhen

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Book 3: Water Chapter 3: The Oppressed

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Book 3: Water Chapter 3: The Oppressed

Mu'ai is minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. She was introduced as Sunhuai's wife in Chapter 3: The Oppressed, where her death is the cause of the founding of the Yapo.


Not much is known of Mu'ai, in Chapter 3 she plays a small role as the mother of Qingbai, and wife of the future crime lord Sunhuai. Personality wise she was a lovable mother, sweet, caring, and loving to her son Qingbai. However, at one point of the chapter the boy is accused of theft by a guard. His mother scolding him to never do it again, begins to lead to the abuse from guards against the boy.

Although Sunhuai, believes his son did nothing. Mu'ai is the stereotypical house wife who cooks, cleans, and makes or even sews ripped clothing. Living on a farm and during the years of 658 BG women weren't allowed in the eastern Earth Kingdom army nor were they allowed to do jobs that men do 'better'. The eastern Earth Kingdom being a male dominant province.

Criminal organizations change that, Haoke, an old woman was an informant and even housed wanted criminals in her home as part of a program for the Dixia triad, getting criminals in and out of the city or even finding them a place within the Dixia or the Hei Shichang.

Later in the chapter Mu'ai is killed in a streets in an outing with Sunhuai and Qingbai, while eating out in a restaurant. A fight breaks out in the next block as the triads begin to come out of hiding and protect the people of the Lower Ring. The Hei Shichang began fighting some guards while protecting some of their own, creating earth walls to protect citizens. The fight ensuing continued into the block where Sunhuai and his family were eating out in.

She was impaled with an earth spike, when a guard confused her as a gang member, as mentioned above the Dixia and the Hei Shichang had women gang members in their triads. To the guard they all looked the same to him, all the poor of the Lower Ring all looked the same. No difference of telling which are good and which are bad. After that Sunhuai snapped, creating the triad known as the Yapo.

Mu'ai's death was the motivation to such an invention, only difference between Sunhuai and the others is that he tries not to hurt the good people but rather the bad in this case the corrupted guards and the government of Ba Sing Se.


Mu'ai was born a non-bender with no skills in fighting whatsoever. Although she had skills in cooking and tailoring, always being able to make clothing from old scraps of cloth.



Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Three: Earth


  • Mu'ai means 'motherly' in Chinese.
  • In the comic version, Mu'ai didn't exist, and Sunhuai's motivation of making the Yapo was something else. This time I thought maybe that would be a better result for it.

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