By MegumiChan06 Part of the Unexpected Plans continuity.
YuLinMrsLing Mrs. Ling, on the right, and Yu Lin
Mrs. Ling (first name unknown)
Biographical information
Birth place






Physical description




Hair color

Gray (was once black)

Eye color


Personal information

Husband (deceased), children: Chen and Zhang

Mrs. Ling was born and raised in Omashu, but moved to Gaoling after she married her husband. He is deceased now and her sons, Chen and Zhang, left Gaoling to serve the Earth King. She rarely hears from them.

She is one of Yu Lin's elderly friends, and the two like to make bets about their young friend Toph. With her children gone, she enjoys that Toph frequently comes to spend time with her and Yu Lin. She won't admit it to Yu Lin, but she also believes that good things will happen to Toph now that she's reunited with the Avatar.


While Mrs. Ling doesn't have a first name (that we know of), her last name is written as 泠 and means sound of water flowing in Chinese.

Mrs. Ling is a minor character from chapter 2 of the story Unexpected Plans. This story can be found here on or here on

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