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Mr. Limber is the owner of Limber Farm. He's a good farmer, and takes care of the animals fairly well. He built the farm years ago and had a pretty good prosperous way going for him, starting from his hippo cow Mel. He'll only take in animals that can help his farm and won't take any useless creatures, which include pets. However, when the Evil Days came around, both he and the farm were going pretty bad. Depressed over it, he had turned to drinking, and often went out to get a drink each day since his farm wasn't as good as it used to be.

Fauna involvement

He isn't entirely considered as the main antagonist, but is the main reason why the animals rebelled in the first place. He came home very late one night, drunk and disorderly. He was treating all the animals like he despised them, slamming doors on them, and even whacking the goat dog with a board. He saw Tyler in a nearby barrel and threw the board at him as he staggered back in his house.

The next day, after slaughtering Mel, he ends up leaving the farm without feeding the animals, too careless over the matter. He came back early though to get a whip, noticing the animals in the shed. He took the first shot with the whip on one of the pigs, but this sparked the rebellious battle over the village. Mr. Limber whipped Crow's leg before he and the other farmers were driven off completely. He was the last to go as Crow was tailing him.

Mr. Limber was found barely alive nearby the now destroyed windmill. He had exploded the windmill to get even with the animals he used to care for. His arm was blown off and only had one working eye when he was found. He looked at the animals once more before he passed on.


  • Mr. Limber is the only main human in the story. All the other humans weren't told by name, unlike Mr.Limber.
  • The very farm village, Limber Farm, was named after Mr. Limber, the founder.

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