By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.
Mr. Lemur
Mr. Lemur
Biographical information

Southern Air Temple


Air Nomads

Physical description


Hair color

Black and Red (After mutated)

Skin color

Black and Red (After mutated)

Personal information
Weapon of choice



Green Goblin


The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Fire Nation

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Goblin Strike!

Mr. Lemur is the anthropomorphic winged lemur that mutated by Green Goblin to be his partner in mission vengeance for the Air Nomads.


358 AG

Become Mr. Lemur

Once is a loyal pet of insane monk in costume name Green Goblin, then he injected him with mutagen. His fur starts to change from white and brown to be black and red, and then he's taller, his ears start to smaller to size of human ears. His nose is longer and eyes change into eyes of cat-like and his tail is recoil back into his backbone. After the mutation, he becomes Mr. Lemur.

The Attacks

Few days after the mutation, he fly out from Southern Air Temple with Green Goblin to hunt down and "punish" people of Fire Nation for make the Air Nomads nearly extinct during the Hundred Year War. They both had killed many civilians of Fire Nation non-stop like the Fire Nation killed the monks of Air Nomads during the Hundred Year War. Some survivors like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Avatar Mei and Black Cat become heroes in order to protect the Fire Nation from threat of him and Green Goblin.


He is a very loyal and friendly to his owner, the Green Goblin and do everything for him. For people of Fire Nation he will be rude, mean and evil to them. For reason that they be "rude" to them first during the Hundred Year War.




After getting mutated by Green Goblin, he gained the ability to bend air.

Sonic Scream

He had discovered the specialized technique of airbending, the soundbending and the basic way to bend is use voice inside his neck by turn it to be sonic wave and release it.


  • He is the first airbender that use soundbending.
  • He is the first anthropomorphic animal in the world.
  • His appearance was designed and inspired from Marvel Comics supervillain, Vulture.

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