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Gaidan, Goji, Rida, General Tao, Akhang, Paimok, more...


Chao Dao, Four Fusion Furies

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Mozukai, the main protagonist of Avatar: The Sole Woodbender, is a woodbender from Earth Kingdom. His ability to bend wood was inherited by Tsuri the Great, a spirit of the forest, when his mother prayed to him. He later grew up in Kimanchi village, hunting in the woods and selling his catch the village butcher, Tokor.



Mozukai was found in a tree several miles from the village. Gaidan, his guardian, founded him and brought him to Kimanchi. He has lived in Kimanchi for nearly his whole life and has always had to practice his gift in secret.


Mozukai grew up in Kimanchi village, a small town of few benders. Only Mozukai and one other boy, an earthbender named Paimok, possessed the talent of bending. However, Mozukai's woodbending, an element only he could control, was supposed to be kept secret from the rest of the town in case people got jealous. For his entire life, he has had to practice woodbending in secret, only in the company of a few well trusted people.

Social Life

Mozukai had few friends in Kimanchim one of which included Goji, a girl he had a small crush on during his time in Kimanchi. When Mozukai joined Team Avatar, he became a good friend of Kori, the waterbender. Ishi and Akhang are his friends, too, but for some reason Shom seems to despise him.

Avatar: The Sole Woodbender

Air Cycle

Before the Siege of Kimanchi

Mozukai was shown to be an adept and resourceful hunter, using his woodbending to catch food for himself and Gaidan. He also seemed content with his life in Kimanchi. He held a small crush for Goji, a girl his age.

Mozukai caught several fowl and monkey-squirrels on his hunting trip, showing his great skills for hunting. As he walked through the village of Kimanchi, people seemed to like him and respect him, though only a few people know of his power.


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