Moving Out, Moving On
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Korrasami Week 2016



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September 22nd, 2016

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Earning Her Spurs

Today was pretty exciting. Korra would finally get to move out of her shithole apartment and into one that she would share with Asami. What could possibly be more to look forward to than that?

Of course, it wasn't easy to get here. Convincing her homophobic father that this was something she was going to do, with or without him, was hell. Of course, the fact that Korra didn't look particularly like the first choice for a high-society girl didn't help that process very much.

Hiroshi knew on the fringes that Asami was dating girls left and right, but she never dared to confess to him that her relationship with Korra had moved far beyond casual dating. And when the day came that Korra had asked her to move in together, Asami said yes, making this the first time she'd actually move out of her father's house at age 28.

But then actually telling him this had the heiress literally shaking with fear. Korra spent days trying to calm her down and eventually decided to go with her. It was probably better for Asami, but not for Hiroshi. The tan girl had a very recognizable appearance, to say the least. There was a tribal band tattooed around her right bicep, a large design of the mythical Tree of Time covering pretty much all of her left arm, and several smaller ones dotting the rest of her body. Then there was the fact that Korra had shaved the left side of her head, combing the rest of her hair over the right side, and had multiple piercings in her ears, nose, and tongue.

Not that Asami thought anything bad of that. She loved her girlfriend for being so open, and even though Korra cared about what Asami thought, she didn't care about the rest of the world who she didn't know anyway.

In hindsight, maybe it would have been best if she had worn something a bit more substantial than a tank top.

Hiroshi went berserk when he learned that Asami was not only in a very serious relationship with a woman, but also with a woman who looked like Korra.

Of course, Asami wasn't about to be deterred by that detail. She would like to have her father in her life since he was her only living family, but if he would make her choose, she'd choose Korra every time.

So now came the day they finally got to move into their apartment. Korra had insisted that they would split the rent, as she didn't want to live off Hiroshi's wealth, which was fair enough. Ultimately, Asami found them a neat little place downtown, via an old connection she made in college.

The got the keys yesterday and would make the full move today, with the couch from Korra's old dorm room and her dresser, plus a lot of stuff they had bought. Asami wouldn't say that the local IKEA could comfortably close down for the rest of the year, but it was close.

They had bought a dresser, a double bed, a table, and a few other things there. Korra still had a TV, they both had computers, and they would be making the move quickly. Asami didn't have a lot of stuff outside of her clothes, which truly had everyone involved stunned. Boxes full of them had been piled high in her room and would soon be loaded into Bolin's truck, which they had rented for the day. The price was a pizza and a case of beer, which was a pretty good deal.

Of course, there was only one downside in moving right now, and that was the weather. Who would have ever predicted a heatwave in September? It was madness. The weather was predicted to hit 100 degrees later today.

At about 10, the doorbell went, and Asami opened up to find Korra standing there. "Hey, babe," she opened, pressing a quick kiss on Asami's lips. "Ready to move?"

The heiress smiled. "You bet." She looked over her girlfriend's shoulder, seeing Bolin's 25-year old Toyota Hilux that desperately needed new... pretty much everything, really. But it still ran, considering those things are indestructible, so it would do for today.

A quick up-and-down look of Korra revealed that she was wearing a simple tank top, revealing both her arms, and a pair of shorts that even revealed the wolf tattooed on her thigh. "Really? You want to give my dad extra ammo?"

Korra simply shrugged. "Meh, he won't be a problem after today, right? Plus, it's still early, and I'm already smoldering. Little clothes are allowed today."

"Good point."

They moved to Asami's room, where pretty much everything was packed. Just a few last items that were still needed were lying around, but they could now begin transporting everything to the truck.

Korra, with her muscular arms that Asami naturally adored, was easily capable of lifting two boxes at once, while the heiress really was limited to one at a time. They were about to make the stairs when they were suddenly stopped.

-"Miss Iluak," Hiroshi said.

"Mr. Sato," Korra coldly responded. He was standing right in the middle of the hallway, blocking the way out. "Could you move? These boxes are heavier than they look."

With a sigh, he stepped aside. "Sure." Korra started walking down the stairs, while Asami was stopped by her father. "A word?"

She stopped, but it wasn't what she wanted to do. "Dad, I'm not going to change my mind. I'm almost 30, and I still live with you."

-"But why her? Is it to vex me?"

"No, it's because I love her," Asami said with an annoyed sneer. "What you think is of secondary importance here. Now can you let me go as well? Korra shouldn't be moving me out by herself."

Reluctantly, he stepped aside, letting her pass as well. This went on, and before long, the truck was packed with almost all of Asami's stuff. It went with some staring at Korra's arms hard at work, glistening from a thin layer of sweat over them, but that's the way she liked her best anyway. The rest would have to come in another car, but it didn't matter, because Asami needed to take her own car as well. True, her BMW M6 Gran Coupé couldn't hold much, but she was fairly certain she could beat Korra to their apartment.

The heiress stood in her room for what would be the last time while she was still technically living here. Korra came walking up behind her and wrapped her arms around Asami's waist. "You ready, babe?"

Asami couldn't help but feel a little bit sad. "I think so. I have lived here my entire life, but I guess it's time to move on." The nearly empty room didn't help much either. A bed, a desk, and two chairs was pretty much all that was left.

Korra gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Take all the time you need. I'll wait outside."

She stood in her room for a few minutes, and just as she was walking out, her father came walking up to her. "Asami, wait," he said, though his tone wasn't disapproving anymore. It almost sounded defeated. "I may not approve of Korra, but you are still my daughter, and I want you to be happy. I hope you find it with her." He pulled something from his pocket. "Here. I want you to have this."

It was a rather small picture in a frame, but what was on it made Asami's eyes water. The picture had her and her mother in the garden, with the estate in the background. She couldn't be older than two but still had a broad smile on her face as she was digging in the mud near where her rose bushes were. "Thanks, Dad," she said, pulling him into a hug. "I'll miss you."

-"I love you, Asami."

"Love you too, Dad."

After this final goodbye, she walked outside, where Korra was leaning against the truck. Korra noticed that her girlfriend was distressed, so she pulled her in for another hug. "What do you say, on to new adventures?"

Asami smiled through her tears as she pulled back from her girlfriend's strong arms. "Yeah, sounds perfect."

They soon rolled up to their new apartment building, and it did fill Asami with joy. This would truly be the start of their lives together.

Korra had already put her stuff and the as of yet unassembled furniture inside, so that just left Asami's things. She would do most of the heavy lifting (worst of all, they were three high and there was no elevator) so today should be good exercise.

"What do you say, get started on assembling stuff? You're the engineer."

Asami smiled. "Yeah, okay, I got this."

An hour later, Korra came up with another set of boxes labeled 'Shoes' (this would make boxes four and five labeled that way) and smiled at the sight and sounds greeting her.

-"How can it be this fucking hard?!" Asami yelled from their bedroom.

Korra smiled as she entered the bedroom. "Is the bed working against you as well?"

-"Korra, I have a degree in engineering, and I can't build any of our stuff. How is this supposed to be DIY furniture?!"

"You'll figure something out, that's what you always do." Korra's smirk only grew. "We can also trade places, you haul boxes, I try this."

Asami chuckled as well. "I don't think you can build this with a hammer, but feel free to try."

Naturally, Korra was up to the challenge, and about twenty minutes later, she'd put a significant dent in her girlfriend's ego by having their bed ready and made. "There we go, perfect," she smirked when Asami came back up with the last boxes.

-"I hate you," the heiress said in a playful manner, poking Korra in the side.

"I know you do," Korra smirked back. Her smile only grew as she saw how her girlfriend looked so ruggedly handsome like this: sweaty, a few stray hairs having fallen from her ponytail, slightly panting from climbing stairs over and over... Truth be told, she was having a hard time not ripping Asami's clothes off right here and now.

"What do you say, give it a test run?" she asked, gesturing to the bed.

Asami smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."

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