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The Legend of Korra


This story is set almost 3 years after the ending of The Legend of Korra. Meelo and Ikki decide to travel the world and make new friends. They face the challenges that are set before them and find their inner self. They must help Korra defeat a Rebel group named the Children of Oasis.



The Young Defenders

  • Meelo: One of the protagonists, Meelo is now 12 and is a skilled Airbender and is developing his fartbending skills. He also sells his art masterpieces around the world. He is confused about his affection for Tuyen and is losing touch with his inner spirit. Therefore, he cannot receive his airbending tattoos. He is now a leader in the Air Nation. He is a founder of the Young Defenders.
  • Ikki: Ikki is now 14 and an airbending master. Although she has become a better airbender than Jinora, she is still overshadowed by her older, more sophisticated sister and has become jealous. She will do anything to prove to her father that she is also sophisticated and mature. She still retains her fun-loving nature and decides to mature a little. She is also a leader of the Air Nation. She is a founder of the Young Defenders.
  • Tuyen: A 13-year-old Earth Kingdom citizen who formerly sold flowers when she met Meelo three years ago. She is now a skilled blade thrower and was also gifted with a chi blocking device from Asami, whom she idolizes. Although she is unaware, Meelo has feelings for her. She is a founder of the Young Defenders.
  • Poki: Meelo's lemur.
  • Mooshi: The bison who chose Meelo. He carries the group around and has freckles on his nose. He has an everlasting bond with Meelo.
  • Berry: Ikki's spirit pet who travels with the group.
  • Hai: A fourteen-year-old waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe who has a shady past. He is very stubborn and vain and never gives up. He is dating Tuyen although Meelo doesn't know. He is best friends with Meelo. He likes to make ice sculptures with waterbending. He is a member of Young Defenders.


  • Ting: A spirit disguised as a woman who has the power to ruin the world. Korra must stop her before it is too late.


Book 1:

  1. The Dawn of a New Day

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