Mother and Daughter
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Mother and Daughter is the fourteenth chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


Yue let out a terrible laugh and gleefully told Katara that she would soon be dead. She would finally have her revenge on Gypsies for killing her little Ursa. "You are going to be hanged!", told Yue.

Katara was terrified. She did not know why the old hag hated her so much. She pleaded for Yue to free her. "What have I done to you?", asked Katara.

In a whisper, Yue told Katara all about her daughter who was taken by Gypsies, and how her own life was filled with sadness. "My pretty child, my Ursa!", whispered Yue.

Katara begged for mercy. She told Yue that she too had suffered. She lost her parents when she was so young that she couldnot even remember them. "In Heaven's name, let me go!", begged Katara.

Yue pulled out the only thing she had that belonged to her little Ursa. It was one of the pretty red boots that her daughter wore. "Show me that shoe!", requested Katara.

Trembling, Katara pulled out a matching red boot tied around her own neck. Yue's eyes opened wide in surprise. Could it be true?

Recognition dawned on both their faces. Katara was the child Yue thought lost forever, and Yue was the mother whom Katara could not recall. They embraced, with tears of joy running down their faces. "Mother!", cried Katara with joy. "My daughter!", said Yue happily.

At that moment, soldiers burst into the square. The roughly seized the Gypsy girl and tor her from the arms of her newfound mother. "No!", screamed Katara and Yue in unison.

Mother and daughter were both crying. The soldiers dragged Yue out of her cell, but she clung frantically to Katara with a vicelike grip. "Don't take my daughter from me like this!", cried Yue.

The scene was before them was so touching it melted the soldiers' hearts. They let mother and daughter share one final embrace, but they had orders to carry out. "I cannot lose you again!", said Yue.

Tearing mother and daughter apart, the soldiers carried Katara off to her terrible fate. Yue watched helplessly. "No! No! Don't let me die!", pleaded Katara to the soldiers.

Unable to cope with her grief, the old woman fell to the floor and didn't stir. Yue could not stand to lose her daughter again, and died from a broken heart.

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